The Salvationism of Endless Suffering


I don’t know quite were to start this exposition so perhaps I should start with the evolution of my thought patterns.

As a child I was taught that if I believed wholeheartedly in Christ I would get to go to a place called heaven.

I was taught that  when I died I would go to heaven, a wonderful place where everything was pleasurable, there was no pain and – even though you would be with your ‘loved’ ones – personal animosity abated .

So I tried to understand the religion I was brought up in – Methodism, a branch of Christian understanding.

Unfortunately at fourteen years of age I fell ice skating and my head bounced off the ice like a basketball.

I became depressed due to brain inflammation but this was not understood as such at the time.

At this time my class was studying the active Vietnam war and revelations of industrial pollution in social sciences.

I expressed my concern in the vision of  an apocalyptic future that had shown itself to my stirred up injured brain – a short story.

I was laughed at and ridiculed so I sought salvation from my tormentors in Christ.

I was taught by those that claimed to be Christians that Christians rarely acted in supportive manner that I envisioned Christ had.

I abandoned all hope of any sort of a full future life – feeling the apocalypse looming I chose to abandon my evangelic mission – no one listened anyhow.

I embraced hedonism in the hope of finding a little bit of Heaven on Earth in the current moment.

I was told by my uncle booze and marijuana  would make you happy, my aunt suggested beer and my cousin’s chimed in with pills.

Thus I set out upon a new multi-fold mission: I would take any substance that was designed to change your consciousness for two reasons – I was in search for a reason to live and changing conscious thought patterns seemed a key; and, I just wanted to have a good time after having a fairly miserable childhood.

We moved a lot when I was young as my dad was in real estate and he flipped houses.

I contacted asthma when we lived down wind of the Fontana Steel Mill when I was in second grade and became highly allergic to grass.

My father’s business endeavor failed and I paid the price.

I always had bad reactions to vaccines and remember being sick more than I should have been.

Mom tried to feed us good food but she was deceived by the Supermarket.

Enough childhood history – the point I am attempting to make is that the Christian religion failed me as I entered adolescence.

Although a path was laid out by Christ it seemed that most Christians never saw the Way.

This made me feel very alone.



I came to the realization late in life that the ideology of salvation is wrongheaded.

I did not come to this conclusion lightly or without extensive forethought.

Why is it wrong ?

Once you ‘accept’ the dogma of Christian religion you lose respect for life, you expect salvation and elevation from drudgery as anything is possible if the dogma is true and you put all your critical thinking facilities on hold. This is particularly true for people that have an innate understanding of the physical world around them.

I now present a valid logical argument supporting my conclusions.

Firstly, I never would have actually broken through the dogma without first becoming familiar with the new knowledge gained from both the Dead Sea scrolls and the Nag Hammadi Library.

Contrary to popular belief the Gnostics were deeply steeped in the Knowledge of the Mystery schools – it is they that first devised the image of Christ.

This image of the Gnostic Christ was usurped by the Empire of Rome in an attempt to create unity, first under Constantine and later under Theodosius I.

When John Lamb Lash undertook a critical evaluation of Christianity through the eyes of Nietzsche he came to two conclusions:

“Christian religion defines morality by a belief system based on a master-slave relationship, rooted in the resentment of the raw beauty and power of the life force.”

In other words, contrary to the stated principles, Christianity is not a religion of Life but  a religion of Death.

How could this be possible?

Gnostics were the natural outgrowth of the Mysteries schools embrace of the Christ figurehead.

All myths seem to have an origination is reality.

People embellish tales of exceptional events and people like Jesus the Tekton who takes on the mantle of the Christ figure under the Gnostic tutelage.

This perspective conflicts sharply with the Gnostic “specialists” who see Gnosticism as a splinter cult of Christianity rather than the originator.

“Gnostics risked their lives to challenge such doctrines as the supremacy of a male creator god, sin and atonement, the divinity of the Savior, resurrection and final judgement from on high.” – John Lamb Lash

They not only risked their lives – they lost their lives!

Imperial Roman Catholic intolerance of other belief systems was crucial to its own success and necessary in the eyes of Emperor Theodosius I and Pope Damasus I who continued to systematically eradicate practitioners of any religion other than the state religion as their recent imperial Christian predecessors had done. All other religions, except Judaism, were condemned and practitioners are executed.

Not to be overlooked is the most important decree:

No one may engage in predictions.

No divination.

No weather forecasting !

No trend analysis ! !

No prophecy !!!

“Science is essentially prophecy.” – Alan Watts



The ancient world descended into the Dark Ages with the ascendancy of Christianity.

Imperial Christian priests lead a imperial Christian mob against the Temple of Goddess Demeter in Eleusis and attempted to execute the hierophants Nestorius and Priskus. The 95 years old hierophant Nestorius ends the Eleusinian mysteries and announces the predominance of spiritual darkness over the human race.

In Constantinople, the Temple of Goddess Aphrodite is turned into a brothel and the Temples of Sun and Artemis into stables.

The mysteries of Samothrace are ended and the priests slaughtered.

Maternus Cynegius scours the East sacking and destroying hundreds of Hellenic Temples, shrines and altars. Among others they destroy the Temple of Edessa, the Cabeireion of Imbros, the Temple of Zeus in Apamea, temple of the Semitic Moon-god Sin at the citadel of Carrhae on the Persian border, the Temple of Apollo in Dydima and all the Temples of Palmyra.

All pagan temples, including all Mithraeum, are destroyed.

The philosopher Olympius leads a revolt in Alexandria. In response imperial Roman Catholics demolish the Temple of Serapis (The Serapeion) which is believed to have housed the Library of Alexandria.

All nonconforming sacred scrolls and books are burned.

Private ownership of pagan sculpture is outlawed.

Hypatia of Alexandria is stripped naked and dragged through the streets by an imperial Christian mob, flayed with ostrakois and set ablaze while still alive. A Neoplatonist philosopher, she followed the school characterized by the 3rd century Plotinus discouraging mysticism while encouraging logical and mathematical studies. Hailed as a “valiant defender of science in the face of the religious postulates,” many suggest that her murder marked the end of the Hellenistic Age of Reason.

“The Gnostic message had two components: a sacred vision of the Earth and a radical critique of Salvationist doctrines centered on the Judeo-Christian messiah, especially the redeemer complex. The Gnostic critique was brutally suppressed because it challenged the core beliefs of the imperialist Roman religion, beliefs that have as much, if not more, political utility than spiritual veracity” – John Lamb Lash

The Gnostic Christian sanctuary on the Euphrates is burned.

Gnostic Christian belief systems are condemned and outlawed.

Gnostic Christian mysteries, Mithras mysteries, Eleusinian mysteries and all other mystery cults are banned.

Gnostic Christians believe that God – the true, ultimate and transcendent God It who is beyond all created universes – “emanated” or brought forth from within Itself all substance, visible and invisible. Its emanations permeate reality. All things share It in common.

This was anathema to the imperial Roman Catholic dogma of Emperor Theodosius I because the imperial Roman Catholic dogma taught that man had been separated from God in the Garden of Eden.  Separation from God always renews power of state religious institutions as the common man must now go through an intercessor – an intercessor serving in an official government religious position.

“Redemption for the  initiates of the Mysteries was not a grace received, nor a deed accomplished by divine intervention. Rather it involved assuming the privilege to co-evolve consciously with the planetary intelligence, to live inside the symbiotic miracle of the earth and learn how it works, loving every lesson, every feat of discovery, every act of transmutation in the divine alchemy of the biosphere.” – John Lamb Lash



“As  Pagans, the gnostikoi rejected the belief that suffering has redemptive qualities. As theologians, they refuted the claim that divine intervention could alter the human condition. By rejecting the superhuman savior and refuting Salvationist beliefs, Gnostics drew a frontal assault from those who were formulating and enforcing the redeemer complex.” – John Lamb Lash

The redeemer complex has four components: creation of the world by a father god independent of a female counterpart; trial by testing the righteous few or “Chosen people”; the mission of the creator god’s son to save the world; and finally apocalyptic judgement by father and son.

“Belief in the redemptive quality of suffering is the core dynamic of violence, the will to conquer, and genocide that drove Roman Christianity and released an ever expanding wave of destruction across the planet.” – John Lamb Lash

The schizoidal victim-perpetrator ideology of the Abrahamic religions makes suffering a divine calling. This occurred when the conceptual constructs of Hellenism were misunderstood and misapplied to the lives of Zaddikite sycophants.

The absolutely worst psychological reality emerges from this mind set in which we have a victim-perpetrator bond. Domination is abuse and the Taker Revolution accelerated into overdrive once it found the perfect ideological match in the imperialist Roman religion of Salvationism. As the Dark ages waned European imperialists conquered the world for their sovereigns, dominating the indigenous natives and expropriating the resources to send back to that “shining city on a hill”.

Personally I recognized  as a young adult that whenever I engaged in an immoral activity, as a ‘believer’ in Christ, I felt I would be forgiven as I was already saved – reborn – and I could always repent again. The truth is that my immoral activity consisted mainly in hedonistic pursuits as I had rejected violence in youth as I was a victim and could not visit such pain on another person. Nearly all of my immoral crimes were due to negligence and lack of critical thinking never committed in malice and I was typically also a victim . The point that I am trying to make here is that those that consider themselves Christian have very little problem engaging in immoral activities if they can justify them due to the nature of the Salvation belief.  This is true only because they have already attained Salvation by simply ‘believing’.

Even worse than the ability to engage in immoral acts is the belief in the redemptive quality of suffering as those that are attempting to help/fix/convert you will cause intense suffering in an attempt to bring you to Salvation through their ponerologically challenged “Christ”, who is now no longer a Savior having morphed into a male Dominatrix holding the whip for Jehovah.

The ideology of the “Chosen Few” was inspired by the Zaddikim of Masada who originated the concept.

The Romans admired the spunk of the Zaddikim of Masada who the myths suggest committed mass suicide rather than become vassals of Rome.

The Zaddikite impulse lives on, now infecting humanity globally with a suicidal mania disguised in political and religious beliefs and perverted into a War on Nature.

And we are all suffering needlessly.