The Whole Mythologies of All Great Religions

The whole mythologies of all Great Religions are well wrought poems that point through the Veil to Eternal  Reality.


Mystic Traditions carry a carefully crafted poetry within which the Acolyte finds Inspiriting Visions that bring Reality Alive.


The first condition of any  modern mythology must be to cleanse the Doors of Perception.


The second condition is that of Awakened Heart.


Once these two  conditions have been met the Promise of God’s Dream is fulfilled and we, individually and jointly, fully become the sensory organs and consciousness channels of the Eternal Creator and Sustainer.


think of Ego as the electrical circuit, the thought pattern frequency resonator, that receives direct input from Universal Mind …


the Burning Bush burns brightly, so brightly that it blinds me and i must avert my gaze …


i have Ego Veils that i keep in a special compartment in my mind …


if Ego feels threatened i allow a Veil to drop …


sort of like hiding under the covers from the big bad wolf …


i keep hoping the Burning Bush thinks that i am a pillow under the covers but the Burning Bush can see right through me …


luckily i have this thin gauze veil that i can drop to keep my eyes from being permanently damaged by Sun Gazing.

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