The Druidic Triptych Triumvirate Triad

The Three Forms of Knowledge

Knowledge by calculation goes beyond knowledge based upon a general rule or rules.

Knowledge based on reason goes beyond knowledge based on calculations.

This formation of Knowledge is based on factual information, collections of facts and concepts,and the use of these collections of facts and concepts to arrive at further intellectual facts and concepts.

This first embodiment of Knowledge – Transparent Knowledge – is Intellectual Knowledge.
This is the Intellectualism of academics, scientists, banksters, businessmen war planners and engineers.

Beyond the Knowledge of Reason lies the realm of Passionate Knowledge which involves the immediate cognition of processes in a mode of understanding more like an emotion than a reasoned thought.

This second framework of knowledge, the knowledge of emotional states,
includes both emotional experiences and Mystical States of Being.
Intuition, the seventh sense of all Human Beings,

is included in this articulation of Knowledge .

This is the emotionalism of bully pulpit politicians,

mass mindset programmers, religious fanatics, artists and writers.


Third comes True Knowledge, which is called the Knowledge of Reality or Gnosis. In this pattern, man can perceive what is Real, what is True, and reach beyond the boundaries of Conscious and Subconscious thought streams and threads into the realm of Divine Consciousness or in Carl Jung’s words “Christ Consciousness”.

Most concentrate upon the first structure of knowledge.
A seldom few use the two combined (architects), or either one alternatively.
Those who attain Truth/True Knowledge/ Knowledge of Reality /Gnosis know how to connect themselves with Higher Levels of Knowledge which lie beyond the two lower forms of knowledge or composite amalgamations and coalescences thereof.
The most fundamental level of True Knowledge has layers and layers of endlessly superimposed concepts which creates a worldview superstructure that aligns with Actual Reality/Nature.


The Three Spiritual Levels of Reality


In the basement of Spiritual Reality,
synonymous with Hades in Hellenism,
the Soul of a Human Being was miserable, despaired,
suffered injustice, and existed in Great Anguish.
(gnashing of teeth)

In the ground floor of Spiritual Reality,
synonymous with Purgatory or Limbo,
an intermediate state in which the Soul of a Human Being
is detached from the Intellect and the Body,
hovering, observing, disengaged, dissociated, isolated, withdrawn,
the State most Human Souls find themselves in now.
(watching television programming)


In the lofty haven of Spiritual Reality,
synonymous with Nirvana,
the Soul of a Human Being found itself in a State of Continual Bliss.
(living compassionately in the moment)


Living error, fabrication, dissimulation, distortion, equivocation, fallaciousness and prevarication will move the Human Soul downward towards the lowest level of reality or Hades.
Living the Truth of the Light of Life will move the Human Soul into the Highest Level of Reality – Heaven, Paradise, Utopia, Asgard, Shangri-la, the Garden, Mount Olympus, Shambhala – NIRVANA.
Spiritual Transmigrations punish, reward and purify the individual Human Soul.


Three Cognitions of Time


On the decumbent level
of depressed prostrate Time Cognition,
shallow subjacent Time appears Linear.

On the middlemost intermediate level,
smack in the middle, straddling the fence,
the betwixt and between of Time Cognition,
equidistant Time appears Cyclical.

On the exalted altitudinous Level
of illimitable, immeasurable, incalculable, inexhaustible,
indefinite, infinite, unbounded, vast Time Cognition,
the Rainbow Spiral of Golden Time is seen.

The Objective of Druidism is Metememepsychosis
After years of observation, careful study of process’ and emersion in
multiple creative endeavors the Druid in training achieves Metememepsychosis which includes:
A full understanding of Transparent Knowledge, Passionate Knowledge and True Knowledge;
The ability to transmigrate Human Souls between the gnashing of teeth, Limbo and Nirvana;
Total Cognition of shallow subjacent Time, equidistant Time and the Rainbow Spiral of Golden Time.

The Three Objects of Metememepsychosis

to acquire True Knowledge into the Relationships of All Things;
to acquire through Gnosis the Ultimate Understanding of All Reality;
transmigrate Human Souls into Eternal Union with the Blessed Creator and Sustainer.

Apprentice Tenderfoot Druids have experienced Oneness with All Three Levels of Reality.
Middling Transitional Druids can move, by Works of Magic, between All Three Levels of Reality.
Savvy Adept Druids can transmigrate the Soul of a Human Being from one Level of Reality to another by Works of Magic.


And that is all this Druid can loop together at this point in Spiral Time.

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