The Reality Inversion Veil

The Reality  Inversion Veil is made of Cognitive Bias.


The Reality  Inversion Veil hides the True Self from Conscious Thought .


If we see ourselves as making many mistakes, as “sinners” or “losers” for example,  then we can wind our way through our own Cognitive Bias’ whereas if we see ourselves as Infallible then we allow our Cognitive Bias’ to hide our mistakes from our Conscious Thought.


If we allow our Cognitive Bias’ to Blind our Awareness then we compound our Infallibility Error.


People blinded by the Reality  Inversion Veil  walk around mesmerized, as if in a Zombie like trance. Their lives and livelihood lives are easy for Vampires to Harvest. You can tell them you are building Utopia for them but they have to help. They will then slave their lives away for the Fantasy of Utopia.


There exists only two ways to perceive Reality.  From a dead chaotic energy / materialistic perspective of Reality, or from a living patterned structured / spiritualistic aspect of Reality.


Cognitive bias will be greatest in those that hold a dead chaotic energy / materialistic perspective of Reality. These Materialists may even go so far as to find the workings of Nature Evil and may wish to modify Nature or Natural Processes.


Materialists erect a Thick Brick Wall within their minds which cloaks with the Reality  Inversion Veil  any sensation that does not fit the Dead Matter Worldview.


Contrary to the popular belief, implanted by the corporate propaganda machines, that Spiritualists are insane is the very obvious insanity of the Materialists.


Materialists have an unnatural desire for things that do not happen in Nature.


These unnatural desire have come down through time known to us as the Seven Deadly Sins.


Materialists thirst to dominate and control Nature, Mankind and Natural Processes.


Mountaintop removal for Coal. Cyanide leach for open pit Gold. Deep Water Horizon.


Materialists yearns for transhuman material immortality in a mechanistic Technological Utopia!


“By the 2030’s the non-biological portion of our intelligence will predominate.” – Ray Kurzweil


Excuse me ? Ray Kurzweil is totally insane. Our intelligence requires the biology of our brain to function.


Personally i think Ray may have been snorting radioactive isotopes !

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