World History up to the present in a paraphrased form

First there was family groups. Over time these evolved into tribal groups.

Tribal groups were initially nomadic within a territory.

Eventually “permanent” settlements were created. These became Cities which eventually evolved  into City-States.

City States grow in stature by centralizing power, resources and manpower eventually evolving into Empire.

The strength of Empire rests in its ability to wrest resources from vassal territories.

Empires have risen and fallen throughout man’s history.

Industrialized Empires arose very rapidly. Industrialized Empires are resource expropriators on steroids.

Industrialized Empires initially arose from sovereign nations. Sovereign nations are large tribal groups .

Industrialized Empires are now larger than sovereign nations . Industrialized Empires have their own internal logic systems which keep them functioning . International law precludes Corporations from doing anything other than increasing shareholder wealth.

911 was a signal to these Industrial Corporate Empires that they would no longer be reigned in  by government power or regulations .

The Earth is being raped at an exponentially increasing rate.

Ecosystems are collapsing everywhere.

The sixth great extinction of Life on Earth began 200 years ago .

The water, soil and air is being systemically poisoned by these Industrial  Corporate Empires.

The only option a moral human being has is to fight with every last bit of strength the defeat of these life destroying Industrial Corporate Empires.

The Golden Path requires Human Beings to Awaken to the threat posed by these life destroying Industrial Corporate Empires .

The Golden Path requires a Human Being to do anything and everything within that individual’s power to crush those Industrial Corporate Empires without harming LIFE !

An Industrial Corporate Empire has no life. It is simply a resource expropriation model designed to enrich the tribal group that controls the Corporate Board of Directors.

Corporations are just conceptual structures of how to undertake a series of tasks to achieve a set result.

All tribal groups are, in essence, corporations .

Tribal groups can be ruled autocratically under ideal circumstances with a narcissistic ruler.

Typically, though, there is some form of Council of Elders.

The best Corporate structure is one that is written.

The Torah, Quran and New Testament are examples of Corporate Structures that govern informally .

States have Bodies of Law that create Corporate Structures which are written to govern a larger social group in a more formal manner. Typically these larger social groups are created when two or more tribal groups decide to band together .

The United States is a conceptual structure of a Body of Laws that creates a State Corporate Structure.

The United States of America is a State Corporation that is now designed to guarantee resources to the Industrial Corporate Empires mentioned previously.

It is irrelevant to think that an Official Corporate representative actually is concerned with anything outside their Official Corporate duties.

Our tendency to divide perceived reality into individual and separate things and to experience ourselves as an isolated Ego in this reality is seen as an illusion which comes from our measuring and categorizing mentality. It is called avidya, or ignorance.

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