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Waco: The Rules of Engagement (trailer) – YouTube A chilling documentary investigating the FBI attack on the Waco Branch of the Davidian cult.
The Truth About The Ruby Ridge Massacre – YouTube
From: Video upload courtesy of FAIR USE NOTICE: This video may contain copyrighted ma…
Waco Rules of Engagement – YouTube
Many thanks to user ThermoNuclearTv for upload. A truly sobering testament to the tyrannical force of the US government. This documentary tells the story of …




CIA Agents Reveal “Secrets of the CIA” – YouTube
“The CIA is a state-sponsored terrorists association. You don’t look at people as human beings. They are nothing but pieces on the chessboard.” — Verne Lyon…
Anti-Drug Unit of C.I.A. Sent Ton of Cocaine to U.S. in 1990 – New York Times
A Central Intelligence Agency anti-drug program in Venezuela shipped a ton of nearly pure cocaine to the United States in 1990, Government officials said today.No criminal charges have been brought
An Unholy Alliance – Part 1 of 6 – YouTube
This 1996 documentary examines the CIA’s connection to the global drug trade, with a focus on opium and heroin. Posted on YouTube with the permission of Dire…
The Politics of Heroin; CIA Complicity In The Global Drug Trade
Gary Webb on C.I.A. Trafficking of Cocaine – YouTube
Gary Webb is the San Jose Mercury News journalist that was run out of his job and blacklisted from the industry for daring to report what he found out.
“CIA are drug smugglers.” – Federal Judge Bonner, head of DEA- You don’t get better proof than this – YouTube
CIA Drug Smuggling – The Real Body Bag Case.with Undercover DEA Agent Michael Levine (author of NY Times non-fiction bestseller DEEP COVER) being coopted by …
CIA’s Darling Is Facebook – YouTube
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John Stockwell – CIA’s War on Humans – YouTube
John R. Stockwell is a former CIA officer who became a critic of United States government policies after serving in the Agency for thirteen years serving sev…
US-CIA Heroin Transit Base Proven | Veterans Today
The Truth About The CIA, JIM JONES, And Jonestown – YouTube
From: Video upload courtesy of FAIR USE NOTICE: This video may contain copyrighted ma…
RFK Assassination, MK Ultra, Jonestown – YouTube
This is a particularly sickening documentary.
Afghan Leader Acknowledges Cash Deliveries by C.I.A. –
President Hamid Karzai of Afghanistan described the bags of cash dropped off at his office for a decade as a “small amount,” though he offered few other details.
Where does Crack Cocaine come from? This former LAPD officer knows… – YouTube
Former LAPD officer Michael Ruppert confronting then-director of the CIA John Deutch about the CIA’s direct involvement in drug trafficking.
In Virginia’s Fairfax County, Robbing Banks for the CIA – Businessweek
In a white-walled interrogation room in a small Virginia police station last June, two detectives were trying to get Herson Torres to crack. Surveillance video tied him to two attempted bank robberies in the area during the past week. The skinny 21-year-old didn’t have a criminal record and seemed
Operation Mockingbird, CIA Media Control Program – YouTube
CIA Funding and Manipulation of the U.S. News Media Operation Mockingbird was a secret Central Intelligence Agency campaign to influence domestic and foreign…
Operation Mockingbird: CIA Manipulation of the Media – YouTube
Daily News @ http://RevolutionNews.US — The CIA’s secret activities, covert missions, and connections of control are all done under the pretense and protecti…
Operation Paperclip: The CIA and the Nazis – YouTube Operation Paperclip was the codename under which the…
Fair Game: How a Top CIA Agent Was Betrayed by Her Own Government: Valerie Plame Wilson, Laura Rozen: 9781451624045: Books
Fair Game: How a Top CIA Agent Was Betrayed by Her Own Government [Valerie Plame Wilson, Laura Rozen] on *FREE* super saver shipping on qualifying offers. FROM THE EXECUTIVE PRODUCER OF THE BOURNE FILMS COMES THE MAJOR MOTION PICTURE STARRING SEAN PENN AND NAOMI WATTS <P>Based on <I>Fair Game
CIA Agents Reveal “Secrets of the CIA” – YouTube
“The CIA is a state-sponsored terrorists association. You don’t look at people as human beings. They are nothing but pieces on the chessboard.” — Verne Lyon…
WASHINGTON: U.S. allowed Italian kidnap prosecution to shield higher-ups, ex-CIA officer says | Nation | World |
A former CIA officer has broken the U.S. silence around the 2003 abduction of a radical Islamist cleric in Italy, charging that the agency inflated the threat the preacher posed and that the United States then allowed Italy to prosecute her and other Americans to shield President George W. Bush and other U.S. officials from responsibility for approving the operation.



CIA – The World Factbook
The World Factbook




▶ Underwear Bomber 2.0 was a CIA Agent (May 08, 2012) – YouTube
News Articles: Al-Qaeda underwear bomber ‘was undercover agent’ CIA Agent Behind Al-Qaeda Underwear Bomb…
▶ Underwear Bomber 2 CIA Agent (OutFront) – YouTube
05/08/2012 Just one day after reports that the CIA had foiled a plot involving a “sophisticated underwear bomb” targeted against U.S. airliners, the entire s…
▶ The Truth Behind the Underwear Bomber Conspiracy (Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab) – YouTube
This story is particularly important because it is the event that ushered in the naked body scanners that are now in place in many U.S. airports. If you rese…




In-Q-Tel: A Glimpse Inside the CIA’s Venture-Capital Arm | Fox Business
No, it’s not a covert operation. U.S. spy agencies have a venture capital arm that gives them access to leading tech startups.
25 Cutting Edge Companies Funded By The Central Intelligence Agency – Business Insider
A look at the Agency’s investment firm, In-Q-Tel. ;
HyTrust Receives Investment from CIA’s Venture Capital Arm | SecurityWeek.Com
HyTrust, a provider of security solutions for virtual and cloud environments, has entered into a strategic investment and technology development agreement with In-Q-Tel (IQT), the not-for-profit, venture capital arm of the CIA.
Exclusive: Google, CIA Invest in ‘Future’ of Web Monitoring | Danger Room |
The investment arms of the CIA and Google are both backing a company that monitors the web in real time — and says it uses that information to predict
Narrative Science: The CIA is Investing in Artificial Intelligence That Actually Works
As part of its effort to use the private sector, The CIA announced that it would be investing in Narrative Science, a startup that uses computers to make sense of data and present it in prose.
CIA Investment Arm Has Its Sights — And Money — Set On Security Startups
In-Q-Tel, the CIA’s investment arm, has injected millions into the security industry. In-Q-Tel’s investments have heavily influenced the information security industry.
CIA and Google’s Joint Investment Raising Eyebrows
Cambridge startup Recorded Future trawls the internet for raw data that it uses in an attempt to predict world events—understandably interesting stuff. But what do both Google and the CIA both see in the company? Wired digs deeper.
Startups Backed By The CIA – Forbes
The spy agency has a venture capital arm that is funding an array of companies developing bleeding-edge technologies.
CIA expands investments in semis | EE Times
Cambrios Technologies Corp. (Sunnyvale, Calif.) has received investments totaling $14.5 million in a first closing of its Series D financing round.
CIA Front Companies (Eyeopener Preview) – YouTube
CONTINUE WATCHING: TRANSCRIPT AND SOURCES: What is the size of the CIA’s budget, and where is this m…
The CIA and Jeff Bezos Bet on Quantum Computing | MIT Technology Review
With funding from the Amazon founder and the CIA’s investment arm, the Canadian company D-Wave is gaining momentum for its revolutionary approach to computing.


CIA’s Afghanistan Bribes Under Scrutiny | FDL News Desk
Empires are run using carrot and stick policies. The American Empire is no different.
Americas Third World War: How 6 million People Were killed in CIA secret wars against third world countries



Obama and His Family Tied to CIA for Years by Sherwood Ross
Obama in Thrall to CIA Killing Machine | RealClearPolitics


mind control


The Excavator: The CIA’s War On Human Consciousness




CIA Mind Control Secrets MK Ultra & Brainwashing Interview – Dr. Colin Ross & Corrina Rachel – YouTube
Friend us: CIA Mind Control Secrets MK Ultra Brainwashing Interview – Dr. Colin Ross & Corrina Rachel Psychetruth …
CIA: Secret Experiments & MK Ultra – YouTube
MK ULTRA Mind Control Revealed – The True Story (1998) – YouTube | Ted Gunderson, a retired 27 year veteran FBI special agent who worked in the L.A. district with over 700 agents under his com…


Exclusive: Dozens of CIA operatives on the ground during Benghazi attack – The Lead with Jake Tapper – Blogs
CNN has uncovered exclusive new information about what is allegedly happening at the CIA, in the wake of the deadly Benghazi terror attack. Four Americans, including Ambassador Christopher Stevens, were killed in the assault by armed militants last September 11 in eastern Libya.




The FBI Allowed the 1993 WTC Bombing to Happen
The FBI successfully thwarts its own Terrorist plot – Terrorism –
The latest government success story is met with virtually no skepticism — despite plenty of reason for it
Oklahoma City FBI surrenders documents to court
A Free Press For A Free People Since 1997
FBI Says It Supplied Fake Bomb in Chicago Plot | Fox News
A man arrested for allegedly placing a backpack he thought contained a bomb near Chicago’s Wrigley Field got the fake explosive from an FBI undercover agent, authorities say — a tactic that has been used in other U.S. terrorism cases in recent years.
FBI Tracked Metro Bomb Plotter from Beginning – CBS News
Farooque Ahmed and an Associate Hoped to Fight in Afghanistan or Pakistan, Tried to Buy Weapons in 2008
Leonard Peltier Defense Offense Committee – Home Page
Leonard Peltier Defense Offense Committee (LPDOC), in support of freedom for American Indian activist and political prisoner Leonard Peltier
Leonard Peltier’s account of that day – YouTube
Harvey Arden reads from Leonard Peltier’s autobiography, describing the shoot-out on June 26, 1975.
Banned Video Free Leonard Peltier Native American Movement – YouTube
“Silence, they say, is the voice of complicity. But silence is impossible. Silence screams. Silence is a message, just as doi “Silence, they say, is the voic…
Physics911, Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building
Leonard Peltier Defense Offense Committee
Land Destroyer: FBI’s History of Handing “Terror Suspects” Live Explosives
Ted Gunderson Former FBI Chief – Most Terror Attacks Are Committed By Our CIA And FBI – YouTube
Former FBI Chief, Ted Gunderson, discusses terror attacks and who is behind them. Check out my video blog at
Terrorist Plots, Helped Along by the F.B.I. –
Is cultivating potential terrorists through stings and undercover agents the best use of the manpower?
FBI Director: Obeying the Constitution “Will Take An Awful Long Time” | The Daily Sheeple
Sometimes, despite laws to the contrary, the FBI just doesn’t have time to obey protections set forth by the U.S. Constitution.
Deploying Informants, the FBI Stings Muslims | The Nation
Behind nearly every “foiled terror plot” lurks a government informant sent to entrap hapless young Muslim men.
Exclusive: FBI allowed informants to commit 5,600 crimes
The FBI gave its informants permission to break the law 5,658 times in 2011, according to newly released documents.
Activist Post: FBI Lets Informants Commit Crimes




NGO RATINGS [Non Governmental organisations evaluated according to their ranking among their peers]




Information Security Oversight Office (ISOO
Oversees the security classification programs in Government and Industry and reports to the President of the United States annually on their status.
Light Blue Touchpaper » Blog Archive » NSA Award for Best Scientific Cybersecurity Paper
Blueprints Of NSA’s Ridiculously Expensive Data Center In Utah Suggest It Holds Less Info Than Thought – Forbes
Blueprints of the facility obtained by FORBES – and published here for the first time — reveal the storage capacity of the data center is lower than has previously been reported — in the exabytes rather than in the yotta or zettabytes.
NSA Phone Snooping Cannot Be Challenged in Court, Feds Say | Threat Level |
The Obama administration for the first time responded to a Spygate lawsuit, telling a federal judge the wholesale vacuuming up of all phone-call metadata in the United States is in the “public interest,” does not breach the constitutional rights of Americans and cannot be challenged in a court of law.
The Criminal N.S.A. –
The N.S.A.’s mass surveillance violates the Constitution and has never been authorized by Congress or the courts.
Edward Snowden: ‘The US government will say I aided our enemies’ – video interview | World news |
In the second part of an exclusive interview with Glenn Greenwald and Laura Poitras, former NSA contractor Edward Snowden contemplates the reaction from the US government to his revelations of top secret…
NSA is more than just a spy network, it’s global fascism
National Security Agency Tasked with Targeting Adversaries’ Computers for Attack Since Early 1997, According to Declassified Document
National Security Agency Tasked with Targeting Adversaries’ Computers for Attack Since Early 1997, According to Declassified Document
Gold miner search – Y8.COM – Play Games for Free has Free Flash Games, Choose an Online Game and Play NOW
ARRS GoldMiner®
ARRS GoldMiner (R) provides rapid access to published, peer-reviewed medical images.
Many Eyes : Customizing Word Cloud Generator
Many Eyes : 2010 global data set
2010 global data set
QueryTree | Explore Data, Without Code
Opt out of PRISM, the NSA’s global data surveillance program – PRISM Break
Opt out of PRISM, the NSA’s global data surveillance program. Stop the American government from spying on you by encrypting your communications and ending your reliance on proprietary services.
Hello, NSA
China told North Korea to do a botnet attack so it mailed the FBI a bag filled w plastic ricin coated R2D2s
The National Security Agency’s Domestic Spying Program –
The filmmaker profiles William Binney, a 32-year veteran of the National Security Agency who helped design a top-secret program he says is broadly collecting Americans’ personal data.
Are all telephone calls recorded and accessible to the US government? | Glenn Greenwald | Comment is free |
Glenn Greenwald: A former FBI counterterrorism agent claims on CNN that this is the case
NSA Wiretapping Public Service Announcement – YouTube
Become a fan on facebook: Trevor Moore (Whitest Kids U’ Know) tells us what we can do about the NSA wiretapping our phones…
NSA Whistleblower: NSA Spying On – and Blackmailing – Top Government Officials and Military Officers
The NSA’s metastasised intelligence-industrial complex is ripe for abuse | Valerie Plame Wilson and Joe Wilson | Comment is free |
Valerie Plame Wilson and Joe Wilson: Where oversight and accountability have failed, Snowden’s leaks have opened up a vital public debate on our rights and privacy
The Pursuit of Edward Snowden: Washington in a Rage, Striving to Run the World | Common Dreams
The Snowden Case What You’re Not Being Told – YouTube
When the mainstream media shows you something with their right hand, watch what the left hand is doing. Follow us on Facebook:…
Secret Court’s Redefinition of ‘Relevant’ Empowered Vast NSA Data-Gathering –
The National Security Agency’s ability to gather phone data on millions of Americans hinges on a ruling by a secret court, FISC, that redefined a single word: ‘relevant.’
Ron Paul On CNN Destroys The NSA Over The Verizon Spying Scandal – YouTube
**HELP SPREAD THIS VIDEO AND MESSAGE!** Links to everything I talked about in this video: Please Visit: http://www.fa&#8230;
NSA Utah Data Center – Serving Our Nation’s Intelligence Community
NSA Utah Data Center: Site plan, technical specs, photos, and map. Supporting the Intelligence Community’s efforts to monitor, strengthen and protect the Nation.
Glenn Greenwald: Edward Snowden “Carefully” Vetted Leaked NSA Docs to Ensure No Public Harm – YouTube
Watch this complete Democracy Now! interview at Guardian columnist Glenn Greenwald tells Democracy Now! how NSA whistleblower Edward Sn…
Activist Post: 27 Edward Snowden Quotes About U.S. Government Spying That Should Send A Chill Up Your Spine
AARC Public Library – Volume 5: The National Security Agency and Fourth Amendment Rights
NSA paid British spy agency $150 mln in secret funds – new leak — RT News
The NSA has made hush-hush payments of at least $150 million to Britain’s GCHQ spying agency over the past three years to influence British intelligence gathering operations.
NSA Citizen Data Warehouse System – What We Know
NSA Citizen Data Warehouse



U.S. Agencies Said to Swap Data With Thousands of Firms – Bloomberg
Thousands of technology, finance and manufacturing companies are working closely with U.S. national security agencies, providing sensitive information and in return receiving benefits that include access to classified intelligence, four people familiar with the process said.
NSA Leaks: The Big Data Impact for Businesses
Regardless of your opinion about the NSA scandal, this issue brings to light many topics that Marketers need to start thinking about. The ramifications will have an impact on businesses large and small, and in the way individuals interact with technology. We are constantly moving on this topic, trying to keep up with all the data sources but also keep pace with changing regulations, and more importantly Consumer sentiment on how this information is used or maintained.
Adapting NSA Data-Gathering to Retail Needs
The National Security Agency (NSA) has been in the news a lot lately. They have developed software and all kinds of systems, which sift through data looking for insight and clues to finding terrorists and with it, heading off criminal activity. They might do this by combing the servers of Facebook or by digitally tapping into those servers, which record visits to websites and individual’s downloads. NSA’s systems look at questionable patterns and recurring behaviors reinforce these patterns.


NSA, DEA and Local Cops Share Information Concealed From Judges &amp; Defendants, But No Liberal Outrage | Black Agenda Report
<p> News, analysis and commentary from the black left.</p>




The New World Order – YouTube
Not to be confused with the implicit new world order. Little Girl Red talks about the the 2012 Defense Authorization Bill. Totalitarian systems always begin …
The Elite Plan for a New World Social Order
The Complete Idiot’s Guide to the New World Order – YouTube
Google: The Council on Foreign Relations The Bilderberg Group Trilateral Commission New World Order North American Union Military Industrial Complex Federal …
John Pilger – The New Rulers of the World 1/4 – YouTube
‘Global economy’ is a modern Orwellian term. On the surface, it is instant financial trading, mobile phones, McDonald’s, Starbucks, holidays booked on the ne…
Revealed – the capitalist network that runs the world – physics-math – 19 October 2011 – New Scientist
As anti-capitalist protesters take to the streets, mathematics has teased apart the global economic network to show who’s really pulling the strings
Fight The New World Order with Global Non Compliance (Full Version) – YouTube
Understand your enemy, and understand the weapons they use. Then use those same weapons against them. The money system is the head of the snake. Cut the head…
The World History of Freemasonry – YouTube
An explanation of the rise of Freemasonry in the USA and why it controls everything. It also explains the real reason why there is a separation between churc…
1961 speech Eisenhower Warns us of New World Order – YouTube
Version 2 Rare video 1961 speech President & WWII General Dwight D Eisenhower warns us of the New World Order aka Military Industrial Complex.
Former worker of Bohemian Grove speaks out about the club and its members – YouTube
Alex Shore, who worked at the Bohemian Grove for 12 years, speaks out about what she learned from working there. Mark Dice is a media analyst, political acti…
Freemason Timeline Decoded – 2012 / 2016 Antichrist & Bible Prophecy – YouTube
Freemason Symbols, Freemasonic calendar & Jewish calendar linked to The Great Pyramid Prophecy Timeline 2012 / 2016. The coming New World Order & the coming …
What are the Illuminati? Aren’t they the Illuminated ones? Aren’t they enlightened masters, who are here to teach us how to be better, or more consciously aw…
NWO Banker Telling Truth? – NwoSatire or Real? – YouTube ~mirror from 33rddegreefilms ~sub: The Banker Aires His Views On The Right Of The Elite To Control …
EndGame HQ full length version – YouTube
Get the DVD at: For the New World Order, a world government is just the beginning. Once in place they c…
New World Order: Blueprint of Madmen – YouTube
Alex Jones’ latest documentary shatters the hoax of the terrorism, revealing instead that government is history’s greatest killer. Now a 21st century technoc…
Timeline of the Rothschild family
Activist Post: Global Great Depression and Population Reduction by 2030: MIT and The Club of Rome Prophecy
CFR_Global _Governance_ Program.pdf (application/pdf Object)
GRAIN — Farmers demand the World Bank and Wall Street stop grabbing their lands at opening of the Bank’s annual conference in Washington, DC.
Future Scenarios – The Four Energy Descent and Climate Scenarios
Future Scenarios, scenario planning for the cultural implications of peak oil and climate change by permaculture co-originator David Holmgren
Nothing New About the New World Ogres « Just Wondering – Alternative News and Opinions
Activist Post: 3 Loose Shingles to Blow the Roof off Global Corporate Oligarchy
Why Does the World Shadow Government Destroy its Own Home (Planet)? – Waking Times : Waking Times
Why Does the World Shadow Government Destroy its Own Home (Planet)? Cosmic Convergence.
A Eugenics Timeline
O n January 22, 1973 the United States Supreme Court ruled that a woman’s desire to terminate an unwanted pregnancy was protected by the Constitution. Since this landmark decision (Roe v. Wade), over 46 million abortions have been performed in the United States. What was once argued as a means to spare women the potential threat of
eugenics « Ockham’s Beard
Posts about eugenics written by Tim Dean
Assad to RT: ‘I’m not Western puppet – I live and die in Syria’ (EXCLUSIVE) – YouTube
In an exclusive interview with RT, Syrian President Bashar Assad said that Syria is not going through a civil war, but rather a different kind of war — terr…
Activist Post: Intellectual Karate: How to Outsmart and Neutralize the Global Government Agenda From the Inside
Kissinger Gives Forecast For Options On Iran – Business Insider
Ratcheting it up.
Activist Post: 20 Key Ways to Defeat The New World Order
Activist Post: Finding Entry Points of Consciousness to Overcome the New World Order
The War on Libya: A Grand Display of NATO’s Lynch Mob Mentality | Global Research
OpEdNews – Article: Demonic David Rockefeller Fiends Dulles Kissinger Brzezinski – Investor Wars Korea thru Syria
Article: Demonic David Rockefeller Fiends Dulles Kissinger Brzezinski – Investor Wars Korea thru Syria – History of David Rockefeller led global arrangements of financial-political control thru public information management culminating in ‘The International Community’ (formerly, ‘The Free World’, earlier The Colonial Powers), arraying covert agencies and military of US-NATO-UN, Israel, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, in war on Syria and Iran. China and Russia’s pathetic resistance after having acquiesced to the destruction of Libya
The Anti-Globalization Movement and the World Social Forum. Is “Another World” Possible? | Global Research
The Georgia Guidestones
“Doomsday Seed Vault” in the Arctic – | Global Research
“The True Story of the Bilderberg Group” and What They May Be Planning Now | Global Research
Secret billionaire club seeks population control
Bill Gates WASHINGTON Some of the richest men and women in the world met secretly recently in New York to conspire on using their vast wealth to bring the world’s population growth under control. The meeting included some of the biggest names in the …
Bill Gates, Jeb Bush, Oprah and Warren Buffett meeting at SC isl – WBTW-TV: News, Weather, and Sports for Florence, SC
Bill Gates, Chairman of Microsoft and one of the richest people in the world, is spending time in the Lowcountry. WCBD confirmed the American business magnate is at the Sanctuary on Kiawah Island. Sus
Billionaires descend on Kiawah – WSAV: News, Weather, and Sports for Savannah, GA
A number of celebrities, philanthropists and politicians have been staying on Kiawah since Wednesday. Officials with the Beach Company confirmed to News 2 that big names such as New York Mayor Michael
Billionaire club in bid to curb overpopulation | The Sunday Times
Karen Hudes Blows Whistle on Corruption @ the World Bank, U.S. – YouTube
Senior Counsel for the World Bank legal department reports corruption to US Congress, the World Bank’s other member countries, and the public. The source on …
Mark Zuckerberg Is ILLUMINATI!!!??? – YouTube
Celebrity Illuminati Members: More Info About The NWO:
Randy Quaid Exposes Hollywood (Illuminati?) – Celebrity Deaths: Ledger, Penn & Carradine – YouTube
Randy Quaid has claimed Heath Ledger, Chris Penn and David Carradine were one of many celebrities “whacked” by a group of Hollywood criminals.
The Global 1%: Exposing the Transnational Ruling Class
White Dragon Foundation: Justice and Commerce – YouTube
Bilderberg Connection




Evil George Bush Sr. smiling at JFK Assassination – YouTube
At 0:16 if you notice he looks off screen and smiles when he mentions the ‘deluded gunman’ who killed JFK. I’m not saying that this video proves that he was …
Secret Service Betray JFK CIA Assassins are Everywere! – YouTube
Watch as all Secret Service stand down and let JFK ride off with out any protection?! WHY?!? so he can be killed by the CIA seconds later. Look for my other …


civil disobedience


Albert Einstein Institution – 198 Methods of Nonviolent Action
The Albert Einstein Institution is a nonprofit organization advancing the study and use of strategic nonviolent action in conflicts throughout the world. We are committed to the defense of freedom, democracy, and the reduction of political violence through the use of nonviolent action
A Different Philosophy of Civil Disobedience
Solitary Purdah, BATR, BREAKING ALL THE RULES, SARTRE Commentary, Philosophy, Politics, Western Civilization, Individual, Natural Law,
Bonus Army: US military attacks demonstrating American War Veterans – YouTube
The Mises Review: Organized Crime: The Unvarnished Truth About Government by Thomas J. DiLorenzo
New Bill Would Open CRS Reports to Public – Sunlight Foundation
Representatives Leonard Lance (R-NJ) and Mike Quigley (D-IL) introduced legislation today that will help the American people, the media, and government employees better understand important public policy issues. The bipartisan “Public Access to Congressional Research Service Reports Resolution of 2012” (aka H. Res 727) would ensure that reports by Congress’s …
Jeremy Scahill: Obama’s Foreign Policy Deception – YouTube
On the campaign trail, Obama promised an end to torture, extraordinary rendition and secret prisons. But since taking office he has in fact doubled-down on s…
Occupy Wall Street | NYC Protest for World Revolution
News and resources for protesters attending the mass demonstration on Wall Street against financial greed and corruption
Time for Full-Time Town Jesters | Common Dreams




Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail Or Succeed – Jared Mason Diamond – Google Books
In his runaway bestseller Guns, Germs, and Steel, Jared Diamond brilliantly examined the circumstances that allowed Western civilizations to dominate much of the world. Now he probes the other side of the equation: What caused some of the great civilizations of the past to fall into ruin, and what can we learn from their fates? Using a vast historical and geographical perspective ranging from Easter Island and the Maya to Viking Greenland and modern Montana, Diamond traces a fundamental pattern of environmental catastrophe—one whose warning signs can be seen in our modern world and that we ignore at our peril. Blending the most recent scientific advances into a narrative that is impossible to put down, Collapse exposes the deepest mysteries of the past even as it offers hope for the future. “Diamond’s most influential gift may be his ability to write about geopolitical and environmental systems in ways that don’t just educate and provoke, but entertain.” —The Seattle Times “Extremely persuasive . . . replete with fascinating stories, a treasure trove of historical anecdotes [and] haunting statistics.” —The Boston Globe “Extraordinary in erudition and originality, compelling in [its] ability to relate the digitized pandemonium of the present to the hushed agrarian sunrises of the far past.” —The New York Times Book Review
Collapse (Part 1) – YouTube
How could a civilization that mastered the planet suddenly Collapse? Inspired by the New York Times best-selling book “Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail…
The Collapse of Complex Societies (New Studies in Archaeology): Joseph A. Tainter: 9780521386739: Books
The Collapse of Complex Societies (New Studies in Archaeology) [Joseph A. Tainter] on *FREE* super saver shipping on qualifying offers. Political disintegration is a persistent feature of world history. The Collapse of Complex Societies
Collapse of Complex Societies by Dr. Joseph Tainter (1 of 7) – YouTube The collapse of complex societies of the past can inform the present on the risks of collapse. Dr. Joseph Tainter, author of the book …
Tomgram: Noam Chomsky, A Rebellious World or a New Dark Age? | TomDispatch is for anyone seeking a deeper understanding of our post-9/11 world and a clear sense of how our imperial globe actually works.
Welcome to the Asylum | Common Dreams
Chris Hedges: “We are witnessing the collapse of globalization” – YouTube
Chris Hedges provides an eloquent interview that hits the mark on everything we are dealing with in the world right now. I would say this is a must see for e…
Collapse Awareness and the Tragic Consciousness – Nature Bats Last
Activist Post: Under New Proposed Internet Laws, We Will All Be Felons
Jack Abramoff: ‘The whole system’ is corrupt | The Raw Story
The Dissolution of the West – Paul Craig Roberts on GRTV – YouTube
From economic turmoil to social dissolution and cultural chaos, it can no longer be denied that the once-opulent West is on the brink of collapse. In his new…
Lieutenant Colonel Potter -explains never before seen levels of in-fighting within the US government – YouTube
A retired Lieutenant Colonel in the Army weighs in on Boston. LISTEN UP !!! – never before seen levels of In-Fighting within the US Government. Please take t…
Even Sesame Street Can’t Ignore America’s Collapse
‘Ark’ 2.0: Largest Private Shelter on Earth Prepping Below Kansas Town




The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America – YouTube
This video is just a brief introduction to a very serious subject. There are six books listed at the end which will go much further into the subject. The sou…
UNITED STATES is a Corporation – There are Two Constitutions – Sovereignty – YouTube
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33 Conspiracy Theories That Turned Out To Be True, What Every Person Should Know…
Nikola Tesla was Murdered by Otto Skorzeny | Veterans Today
HOW FORD AND JP MORGAN SCREWED NIKOLA TESLA AND THE WORLD! – YouTube – This video shows you how JP Morgan and Ford Screwed Nikola Tesla and The World Out Of Free Electricity And Set Up A PAID …
State Department stymied probe into shooting of four Hondurans, whistleblower says –
WASHINGTON — A top State Department official stymied investigators trying to get to the bottom of four killings in Honduras involving DEA agents and local police — yet another revelation…


distraction – 3-second distraction doubles work errors
Research news from leading universities
Henry A. Giroux | The New Extremism and Politics of Distraction in the Age of Austerity
The threat of a poisonous form of authoritarianism is missing from the current debates in Washington politics.




Chris Hedges “Brace Yourself! The American Empire Is Over & The Descent Is Going To Be Horrifying!” – YouTube
January 01, 2012 C-SPAN
The Corporation of the United States of America. – YouTube
What we’re not told in school about the history of the U.S.A, the largest corporation on earth.
The Secret Government – YouTube
It aired on PBS in 1987 and is as good as anything on the tape (must see). Moyers is a very respected TV journalist who also worked for Lyndon B. Johnson and…
When the State Becomes God, By Lee Penn (All rights reserved, SCP)
Empires Then and Now –
Great empires, such as the Roman and British, were extractive. The empires succeeded, because the value of the resources and wealth extracted from conquere
A Security and Finance State that Dominates the American People – YouTube
Lawrence Wilkerson Pt8: I don’t know if our grandchildren will live in a democratic republic
Kingdom of Hawaii PSA announcing END of US rule- formal re-instatement of Hawaiian Nation – YouTube
This is a Kingdom of Hawaii PSA announcement proclamming the END of US rule and occupation of the Hawaiian Islands and the formal re-instatement of Hawaiian …
Rebuilding America’s Defenses: Strategy, Forces and Resources For a New Century
The Locations of FEMA Concentration Camps in America
If you want to go to heaven, you had better get busy overthrowing Syria — Paul Craig Roberts –
The United States government has been at war for eleven years. The US military destroyed Iraq, leaving the country and millions of lives in ruins and rele
The Shadows of Power: The Council on Foreign Relations and the American Decline | James Perloff – YouTube
James Perloff exposes the subversive roots and global designs of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). Passed off as a think-tank this group is the “power …
Assad to RT: ‘I’m not Western puppet – I have to live and die in Syria’ — RT
In an exclusive interview with RT, Syrian President Bashar Assad said he will not leave Syria. Assad also spoke on the calls for armed foreign intervention in Syria, and the possible fallout on the country’s internal conflict and across the region.


false flag




7/7 Ripple Effect ! – YouTube
Verint Systems is the security firm that is responsible for the CCTV surveillance cameras, in the London Underground rail network, and it is an Israeli compa…
7/7 Bombings Conspiracy Road Trip: I Was Lied To – WideShut: Alternative News
How Renegade Pictures/BBC producer Oliver Page lied about the premise of their 7/7 Bombings Conspiracy Road Trip, and a thorough analysis of the show.




911 Best Vid Ever.avi – YouTube
I think this is an amazing piece of work that should be shown on every channel on every TV station in every country. Not even 5mins long and blows the offici…
Mysterious Deaths of 9/11 Witnesses (MUST SEE) – YouTube
So many 9/11 witnesses or people who would seem to have knowledge of the cover up have been mysteriously dying. This all can’t be a coincidence.
Fire Fighter Erik Lawyer Slams NIST And The 9/11 “Investigation” – YouTube
Ok, I am really pissed the World media ignored the AE911Truth press conference, not suprised, but pissed. This is a pissed off patriotic firefighter trying t…
General of all American Intelligence: 911 was a fraud! – YouTube
Major General Albert “Bert” N. Stubblebine III, head of all intelligence says: Pentagon NOT hit by a plane WTC 7 brought down by explosives Media in America …
Collateral Damage 911 Covert Ops Funding Targeted
Collateral Damage 911 Covert Ops Funding Targeted – Free download as PDF File (.pdf), text file (.txt) or read online for free.
THE TOP 40 –
9/11: Video of Missile Hitting Pentagon Leaked | Veterans Today
Bin Laden & The 911 Illusion: Part III: Secret Societies & Masterminds « LEFT HOOK by Dean Henderson
(Excerpted from Chapter 20: 911: Big Oil & Their Bankers in the Persian Gulf…) The Secret Handshake The Eight Families banking cartel and their Four Horsemen progeny find Islamic fundamentalism quite compatible with the global monopoly capitalism from which they derive their immense wealth.  Both ideologies advocate centralized control, intolerance of opposition, rule by decree…
Watch Keynote: David Ray Griffin – 9/11 and Nationalist Faith | Free Speech TV Episodes | Blip
“People of faith” are often accused of allowing their faith to override evidence. This is sometimes the case. With regard to 9/11, the greatest obstacle to seeing the truth—that 9/11 could have been an inside job—is not the lack of evidence, but what can be called ‘nationalist faith’—the belief that America is the “exceptional nation,” whose leaders never deliberately do anything truly evil, at least to their own citizens.
9/11 Conspiracy Solved: Names, Connections, & Details Exposed! – YouTube
Was 9/11 really an Inside Job? After reviewing this documentary, and checking the evidence, I think the answer will be clear to you. http://www.alienscientis&#8230;
High Ranking US Major General Exposes September 11 – YouTube
The Saudi/Israeli Alliance « LEFT HOOK by Dean Henderson
The 9/11 Plan: Cheney, Rumsfeld and the “Continuity of Government” | Global Research
Truth Troubadour Blog: Questions about the Death and Dumping at Sea of Osama bin Laden Remain
Best Propaganda Film (OSCAR 2013 SPOILER! LEAKED CLIP!!) – YouTube
Spoiler Alert!!! In this pre-recorded (leaked) scene from the 85th Academy Awards, airing on Sunday February 24th, Benny and Kevin present the award for Best…
The 9/11 Decade – The Intelligence War – YouTube
Immediately after 9/11, the US announced that ‘the gloves were coming off’ in the fight against al-Qaeda. In the first of three films on the aftermath of 9/1…
9/11 Conspiracy Solved: Names, Connections, & Details Exposed! – YouTube
Was 9/11 really an Inside Job? After reviewing this documentary, and checking the evidence, I think the answer will be clear to you. http://www.alienscientis&#8230;
9-11 Research: Towers’ Design Parameters
WTC design parameters,twin towers,aircraft impact,skilling,engineering,jetliners
9-11 Research: NORAD
The Events of 9/11: Does the Truth Have a Chance? | Global Research
9-11 Pentagon missing $2.3 trillion Rumsfeld Exposed 9/10/2001 – YouTube
September 10th 2001 Secretary of Defense of the USA declared war on the Pentagon bureaucracy over an alleged $2.3 trillion in unaccounted for funds on expens…
911 Truth: Jim Marrs in 10 Minutes – YouTube
Please research for yourself the truth about what’s really going on…Do it for the United States, Do it for the world. Jim Marrs quickly lays out every main…
New 9/11 Coloring Book Features Terrorist Trading Cards | Parenting – Yahoo! Shine
From the blog Parenting: A year after the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, a coloring book company has published a new book for kids about terrorism called “We Shall never Forget 9/11, Volume II: The True Faces of Evil-Terror,” and includes terrorist trading cards.
Coloring Books | Never Forget 9/11 – Vol. II Terrorist Trading Cards
Coloring Books | We Shall Never Forget 9/11 – Vol. II Terrorist Trading Cards The True Faces of Evil – Terror, Terrorist Trading Cards 9/11 coloring book,
The FBI Allowed the 1993 WTC Bombing to Happen
Anthony Antonello asks Donald Rumsfeld if he ever found that missing $2.3 Trillion – YouTube
Anthony Antonello and Danny Panzella wait to ask Donald Rumsfeld if he ever found that $2.3 Trillion that he said was unaccounted for at a press conference t…
9/11: Explosive Evidence – Experts Speak Out, Full-length, Pre-Release-v1.3; Low-Res. – YouTube
This is the expert-packed feature-length,Pre-Release v1.3, Low-Res documentary by Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth. Help us to make the most of the oppo…




Take the Test to See If You Might Be Considered a “Potential Terrorist” By Government Officials – Washington’s Blog
» Who Started the Bombing of Civilians in World War II?
The Resident: All Americans are terrorists – YouTube
Many people have dismissed concern over the recently revelation that the NSA has been keeping tabs on them, proclaiming they have nothing to hide. But as the…
America Is Running the World’s Largest Terrorist Operation | Global Research
The Terror Within: Former DHS Officer, Julia Davis Speaks Out! – YouTube
“Top Priority: The Terror Within” explores issues that have sparked nationwide controversy such as the USA PATRIOT Act and illegal tactics improperly used ag…
Official: Water complaints could be ‘act of terrorism’ | The Tennessean |
A Tennessee Department of Environment and Conversation deputy director warned a group of Maury County residents that unfounded complaints about water quality could be considered an ‘act of terrorism.’Listen to TDEC official’s warning to Maury County residents
The Politics of Fear – Living in a Terrorama Society | S. Brian Willson


Korean False Flag 2 – YouTube
More evidence in the sinking of the S. Korean ship – the Cheonan.
Korean False Flag – YouTube
Who sank the Cheonan ?
America’s False Flag Attacks | Brainwash Update – YouTube
Remember the Maine? On the 115th anniversary of the Maine explosion, Abby Martin explores US False Flag Attacks as being at the heart of every major US war o…



Explosions at the Boston Marathon – YouTube
Watch the aftermath of the explosions that rocked Boylston Street during the Boston Marathon. Video by Steve Silva
“Contractors” at Boston Marathon Stood Near Bomb, Left Before Detonation | Global Research
Boston Marathon Suspect’s FATHER: They Were Framed! – YouTube If you liked this clip of The David Pakman Show, share it and hit…
BREAKING NEWS – FBI Releases Pictures Of 2 Suspects In Boston Bomb Attack – YouTube
BREAKING NEWS – Video Of 2 Suspects Wanted By FBI Photos: Private military operatives hired to ‘work’ the Boston m…
FBI Has Images of Two Boston Bombing Suspects – YouTube
–The FBI has reportedly given its agents images of two Boston bombing ‘suspects,’ and the search is on for men seen wearing back-packs near the marathon fin…
Boston Bombing Suspect’s Aunt: Staged, Set Up, False Flag! – YouTube If you liked this clip of The David Pakman Show, shar…
Boston: Prep for the Police State? | Interview with Sibel Edmonds – YouTube
Abby Martin talks to former FBI translator and whistleblower, Sibel Edmonds, about Boston being a preparation for a police state in America, and outlines the…
Activist Post: Mystery Military Men in Boston Were Part of WMD Response Team
Activist Post: CONFIRMED: Both FBI and CIA Watched Boston Bombing Suspects for Years
Was Tamerlan Tsarnaev a Double Agent Recruited by the FBI? – WhoWhatWhy
Groundbreaking Investigative Journalism
Boston terror suspects uncle was married to CIA officer’s daughter and even shared a home with the agent | Mail Online
An uncle to the two Boston terror suspects was at one time married to the daughter of a CIA agent, it has emerged. Ruslan Tsarni, left, who denounced his nephews and branded them ‘losers’, was in the mid-90s married to a CIA agent’s daughter.
Tsarnaev Wife Skull and Bones, CIA Family Connections


False Flags? 63 Terrorism Incidents & Training Exercises
Help spread the word: In the aftermath of the recent violent and suspicious incidents in the United States – Aurora, Colorado and Newtown, Connecticut last year, and the Boston Marathon…
The Daily Bell – The Osama bin Laden Myth
The interview below with Osama bin Laden was conducted by the Karachi, Pakistan, daily newspaper, Ummat, and published on September 28, 2001, 17 days after the alleged, but unsubstantiated, al Qaeda attack of September 11, 2001, on the World Trade Center twin towers and Pentagon. The interview was sensational. The alleged mastermind of 9/11 said that he and al Qaeda had nothing to do with the 9/11 attack. The British Broadcasting Corporations World Monitoring Service had the interview



OKLAHOMA CITY BOMBING Forerunner To 9-11 “A False Flag Conspiracy” – YouTube
This is Pat Shannan’s shocking video documentary ‘Oklahoma City Bombing – Forerunner to 9-11’ which exposes the famous bombing of Murrah Building in Oklahoma…
A Noble Lie: Oklahoma City 1995 – Full Version – YouTube – Please support the filmmakers by purchasing the DVD. The 1995 bombing in Oklahoma City was a direct blow to the heart of America. …
A Noble Lie: Oklahoma City 1995 – Trailer 3 – YouTube – The 1995 bombing in Oklahoma City was a direct blow to the heart of America. 168 people were killed, including nineteen children. …


Israel Lobbyist suggests False Flag attack to start war with Iran – YouTube
Governments ADMIT That They Carry Out False Flag Terror → Washingtons Blog
The USA should use false flag on Iran according to Patrick Clawson *The Indignants* – YouTube
Patrick Clawson OPENLY suggests that the US should provoke Iran into taking the first shot. Patrick has served as an economist for the International Monetary…


genocide eugenics


Depopulation is Real – US Deaths Reach Record High :
Shepard Ambellas | Depopulation is merely an urban myth of globalist fantasy, but a reality.
Killing Is Sexy – YouTube
A statement on the perspective that the banks, corporations, & politicians that comprise the Military Industrial Complex wish to instill in US…
John D Rockefeller And His Eugenics Agenda – YouTube
The Eugenic Agenda.
Congo 20million dead the role US and its allies played – YouTube
CONGO 20MILLION DIE AND THE WORLD SILENT: The role that the America/Isreal and its allies, Rwanda/Uganda, have played in the greatest humanitarian crisis at …
World Evolutionary Humanism, Eugenics and UNESCO | Global Research
Genetics | The Smithsonian Institution’s Human Origins Program
Project Disappeared: Chile
The Great American Genocide |
A chemical warfare has been declared on us. The battlefields are our homes, the grocery stores, the pharmacies. This is genocide, and we are the intended victims.
Activist Post: US Birthrates Plummet by 310,000 Babies: Responsible Economic Planning or Shadow Depopulation?
Rockefeller Email from 2002 Outlines Armageddon Agenda and Transition to New World | Collective-Evolution
In what appears to be a genuine email sent from Rockefeller Global Communications, the globalist elite agenda supporting a destructive planetary shift is outlined with stunning clarity. The message is authentic, powerful, and prophetic and is something that should be sincerely considered by every person. It serves as a great reminder to consider your life […]
American Eugenics Society Papers :: American Philosophical Society
The Defining and Enabling Experience of Our “Civilization” — Genocide and THE THANKSGIVING MYTH | S. Brian Willson
The Eight Unfolding Stages of the Great American Genocide (Part 2) | Dave Hodges – The Common Sense Show
the common sense show, dave hodges, agenda 21, big pharma, bp, censorship, corexit, court system, depopulation, education, fake revolutions, false flag, FDA, federal reserve, FEMA, Goldman Sachs, government, Halliburton, Homeland Security, ICLEI, journalism, medicine, methane, mexican drug cartels, muslims, NDAA, new world order, obama, oil spill, petrodollar, police state, protesters, radio, sharia, transocean, TSA, vaccinations, wall street, war
New York Times Concealed Ukrainian Genocide. – YouTube;
Irish food exports during famine years 1845 – 1847




Draconian – YouTube
All, but two American presidents and royalty are related to each other and to the original dracula.
The 5 Most Blatantly Corrupt Industries in the World . . . And What YOU Can Do About It | TruthTheory
Buy a Condo on Luxury Ocean-liner Utopia, Travel the World
Luxury Cruise Ship Condos: Maybe you can’t walk on water, but you can certainly live on it. Imagine seeing a whole new place each and every time you look out through your windows. Back in 2006 we told you about The World, the first cruise ship with
The Annals of Bohemian Grove “Yearbook” Uncovered – Rare Book and Photos Inside Elite Club – YouTube
Mark Dice shows his Bohemian Grove “yearbook,” the rare “Annals of the Bohemian Grove” and some of the photos found inside. Subscribe to http://www.YouTube.c&#8230;
The Bush Crime Family And Their Destruction Of America
Hillary Clinton fired from Watergate committee fraud-ethics violations
Hillary Clinton was a member of impeachment inquiry staff for Watergate. She was dismissed for being unethical, dishonest & violating the Constitution.
Counsel confirms Hillary’s ‘fraudulent’ Watergate brief
A Free Press For A Free People Since 1997
The history of the Rockefellers – YouTube
The Rockefeller family is an American industrial, banking, and political family of German origin that made one of the world’s largest private fortunes in the…
Fabulous Life Of Filthy Rich Billionaires – YouTube
Some interesting mtv show no copyright infringement intended. i do not own or claim to own the footage shown in this video. “Copyright Disclaimer, Under Sect…
Why is Congress a millionaires club? – Political Hotsheet – CBS News
Just one percent of Americans are millionaires, compared to 46 percent of Congress, thanks to Washington rules and campaign realities Read more by Stephanie Condon on CBS News’ Political Hotsheet.
They’re All Related – YouTube
All, but two American presidents and royalty are related to each other and to the original dracula.


police state


corporate socialism


Ralph Nader: Corporate socialism runs US government – YouTube
With midterm elections in the US about to begin, RT has spoken with 4-time presidential candidate Ralph Nader about the real powers that govern America. Ralp…


10 Disgusting Examples Of Very Young School Children Being Arrested, Handcuffed And Brutalized By Police
When did we decide that it was okay to treat very young school children as if they were terror suspects?  When I was growing up, I don’t remember a single time
Police have no responsibility to protect individuals (reference)
The Rise of the Police State and the Absence of Mass Opposition
Social Media in Strategic Communication (SMISC) – DARPA-BAA-11-64 – Federal Business Opportunities: Opportunities
Taxi To The Dark Side » thought maybe
Taxi To The Dark Side examines America’s policy on torture and interrogation in general, specifically the CIA’s use of torture and their research into sensory deprivation. There is description of the opposition to the use of torture from its political and military opponents, as well as the defence of such methods; the attempts by Congress to uphold the standards of the Geneva Convention forbidding torture; and the popularisation of the use of torture techniques in American television shows …
Activist Post: 25 Reports That Can Put You on the Terror Watch List
The AP Spying Story: What You Aren’t Being Told – YouTube
TRANSCRIPT AND SOURCES: In recent weeks we have been told to focus on a series of scandals which, we are told, are rocki…
Presidential Rule by Deception: Obama, the Master Con-man | Global Research
The Phantom Eye: The Eye in the Sky
Twenty-Two Reasons Why American Working People Hate the State | Global Research



The Year of the Drone |
Location Of 63 Secret Killer Drone Bases Inside The US Revealed
The US has been forced to reveal the location of 63 secret bases used to conduct aerial drone flights for domestic spying operations.
Activist Post: Psychosis in the Sky?
FBI admits in letter to Rand Paul that it’s used domestic drones 10 times.
Last month, the FBI admitted it had used surveillance drones in domestic airspace but refused to disclose specific details. Now, after pressure from Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., the bureau has been forced to come clean. In a recent letter to Paul, published on the senator’s website Thursday, the FBI acknowledges…
Homeland Security Taps Generals to Run Domestic Drone Program: The Rise of Predators at Home
The continuing rise of Predator drones at home has been fueled by the bizarre merger of military influence in domestic affairs and the key role of border hawks in the politics of immigration reform.
Domestic Drones | American Civil Liberties Union
FBI director acknowledges domestic drone use – CBS News
CBS News has learned that the FBI has used small model airplane-sized surveillance drones on 10 or 12 occasions
Daily Kos: Obama’s Domestic Drones Run by General
EPIC – Domestic Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) and Drones
The Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) focuses public attention on emerging civil liberties, privacy, First Amendment issues and works to promote the Public Voice in decisions concerning the future of the Internet.
Domestic Drone Countermeasures, Domestic Drone Countermeasures Home
Domestic Drone Countermeasures
Domestic drones –
Domestic drones
Drones Watch | A coalition campaign to monitor and regulate drone use
A coalition campaign to monitor and regulate drone use
Nominee to Head FBI Explains Case for Domestic Drone Strike
In a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing July 9, James Comey, Obama’s choice to head the FBI, left the door open for deadly domestic drone strikes. By Joe Wolverton, II, J.D.
Homeland Security has considered weaponizing domestic drones to ‘immobilize’ people (Slate) |
By Ryan Gallagher, Slate Drones in the United States are currently only authorized to be used for surveillance purposes. But that hasn’t stopped the Department of Homeland Security from considering weaponizing its unmanned aircraft so they can “immobilize” targets in border areas. Newly released documents, dated 2010, show that the DHS’s Customs and Border Protection arm has weighed the possibility of adding “non-lethal weapons” to its Predator unmanned aircraft, which are currently used predominantly to monitor border zones in Arizona and Texas. The documents, obtained by the Electronic Frontier Foundation through a Freedom of Information Act request, show the CPB suggesting in a “law enforcement sensitive” report to Congress that its drones could be upgraded to include the weapons to shoot at “targets of interest.” The documents do not detail specific weapons, but “non-lethal” rounds deployed on drones could feasibly include rubber bullets, tear gas, or a Taser-like shock. That CBP has considered weaponizing its drones will add to concerns about potential mission creep with unmanned technology being used domestically. Rights groups have previously raised concerns about the possibility of drones in the United States being equipped with weapons, which may have prompted President Obama during a speech in…
NACDL – Domestic Drone Information Center
Domestic drones and their unique dangers | Glenn Greenwald | Comment is free |
Glenn Greenwald: Dismissive claims that drones do nothing more than helicopters and satellites already do are wildly misinformed
The coming drone attack on America | Naomi Wolf | Comment is free |
Naomi Wolf: Drones on domestic surveillance duties are already deployed by police and corporations. In time, they will likely be weaponised
The Border Patrol Wants to Arm Drones – Philip Bump – The Atlantic Wire
Documents obtained by the Electronic Frontier Foundation from the Department of Homeland Security’s Customs and Border Patrol indicate that the agency is close to finalizing payload standards for its drone aircraft. Among the things the CBP might want to use in its unmanned aircraft: “non-lethal weapons designed to immobilize” targets.
Lawfare › DHS’s Use of Domestic Drones
US Lawmakers Seek Answers on Legality of Domestic Drone Strikes
For years, the United States has used drone aircraft to attack suspected terrorists in other nations.&nbsp; Now, America&rsquo;s top law enforcement official has not entirely ruled out a presiden…




Top Ten Signs Your Country May Be Going Fascist – YouTube
It has been said that those who ignore history are condemed to repeat it. It’s true, I failed history and had to repeat the 3rd grade. There are many definit…
 Fourteen Defining Characteristics Of Fascism
War on democracy – School of Americas – YouTube
School of Americas. Our good friend Duane Clarridge shows his true colours once again in this clip
17 Signs That The United States Is Becoming A Totalitarian Police State
The following list was compiled by Major Carpenter, a great friend of the site. I think that you will really enjoy what he has put together. The truth is
Bush’s Grandfather Led Nazi Coup Against White House in 1933 – YouTube
From: The famous quote “War is a Racket” came from a prominent Marine from the past, Smedley Butler. He was a tw…
Major General Smedley Butler & The Fascist Takeover Of The USA – A Warning From History – YouTube
Prison labor booms in US as low-cost inmates bring billions – YouTube
US breeds a Chinese-style inmate labor scheme on its own soil. Both state and some of the biggest private companies are now enjoying the fruits of a cheap an…
She survived Hitler and wants to warn America – On the Front Lines of the Culture Wars
Beliefnet Voices – Rob Kerby
Government Protects Criminals by Attacking Whistleblowers – Washington’s Blog
The latest Obama cheerleader is … Dick Cheney? –
In a rare interview, Dick Cheney praises several aspects of Obama’s foreign and security policy
How the US uses sexual humiliation as a political tool to control the masses | Naomi Wolf | Comment is free |
Naomi Wolf: Believe me, you don’t want the state having the power to strip your clothes off. And yet, it’s exactly what is happening
Antifascist Calling…




Chris Hedges: The Shame of America’s Gulag – Chris Hedges’ Columns – Truthdig
U.S. prisons are the engines of a system of neo-slavery in which corporations feed on the bodies of people of color. Reform is unlikely in the face of enormous profits. – 2013/03/17
Prison labor booms in US as low-cost inmates bring billions – YouTube
US breeds a Chinese-style inmate labor scheme on its own soil. Both state and some of the biggest private companies are now enjoying the fruits of a cheap an… – Prison time cuts lifespan until parole ends
Research news from leading universities
MassPrivateI: Seventy eight (National Network) fusion centers in America but we only have 50 states
Obama’s abuse of the Espionage Act is modern-day McCarthyism | John Kiriakou | Comment is free |
John Kiriakou: Shame on this president for persecuting whistleblowers with a legal relic, while administration officials leak with impunity


▶ Obama to Top Brass: Will you fire on American Citizens? – Dr. Jim Garrow – YouTube | The Obama administration is openly escalating its campaign against private gun ownership, and shaking up the top ranks of the mi…
Activists In DC Identify Long-Term Police Protest Infiltrator | PopularResistance.Org
Lacy MacAuley, an activist and media manager for the Institute for Policy Studies, has suspected for the past several years that a protester named “Missy” was an undercover cop. “Missy” seemed to be at every protest, but no one knew her. However, MacAuley had no way of proving her suspicions. Then, in November of 2012, MacAuley was at a bar on U Street when a friend recommended that she follow a Twitter account of a funny person with the handle @snufftastic. MacAuley immediately identified the user in the photographs as the person she knew as “Missy.” The user Tweeted frequently about the daily grind of being a police officer in DC. MacAuley says she then spotted Rizzi as “Missy” at an anti-Keystone pipeline protest at the Canadian Embassy on March 21, 2013. That was when MacAuley decided to approach Jeffrey Light, an attorney who works on police misconduct issues, with her suspicions. Light and his law partner Sean Canavan began searching for evidence to peg Rizzi as an undercover police officer.




Counterfeit and Propaganda Notes Used in Wartime.
The 25 Rules of Disinformation | The Vigilant Citizen
The 25 Rules of Disinformation
Fourteen Propaganda Techniques Fox “News” Uses to Brainwash Americans | Truthout
Activist Post: The Curious Case of Crime in the Media
Infobia | The Curious Case of Crime in the Media
Reel Bad Arabs – How Hollywood Vilifies a People – YouTube
This groundbreaking documentary dissects a slanderous aspect of cinematic history that has run virtually unchallenged from the earliest days of silent film t…
Retractions Of Reporting Are Quite Selective
Whoever Controls The Media Controls The World – Waking Times : Waking Times
Perhaps the greatest unknown fact about life on Planet Earth concerns the MEDIA, and in particular, the Mainstream Media (MSM).
Chilling Effects Clearinghouse
Do you know your online rights? How often are legal threats used to silence Internet activity? Help us to find out and counter baseless threats with the “chilling effects clearinghouse.” We are gathering a database of cease and desist notices sent to Internet users, and analyzing those letters in issue-spotting FAQs (informal memos) to be posted on the site. The site also offers background material and explanations of the law for people whose online activities include topics such as fan fiction, copyright and the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, trademark and domain names, anonymous speech, and defamation.
On Target Pressure Points: The Electronic Concentration Camp – YouTube
In conjunction with the upcoming release of his new book, A Government of Wolves: The Emerging American Police State, John W. Whitehead sits down to discuss …
George F. Will: Schools push a curriculum of propaganda – The Washington Post
“Diversity” propaganda has expanded beyond colleges and infiltrated K-12 schools.
What’s the Difference Between Fox News and Oxford University Press? | Common Dreams
The Story of Keep Calm and Carry On – YouTube
To find out more about Barter Books visit to download the ‘Keep Calm’ iphone app visit A short film th…
Cook and Cohen, “How Television Sold the Panama Invasion”
Activist Post: Reversing The Edward Bernays Effect




Violence Over Funeral Procession Leaves at Least 39 Dead in Nigeria
Security forces have been enforcing a 24-hour curfew in Wukari, Taraba State, in Central Nigeria to prevent the escalation of violence between Christians and Muslims that began Friday, May 3, and left at least 39 people dead and 30 injured.
BBC – History – Troubles – Michael Stone kills three at IRA funerals
BBC History page on Michael Stone’s attack at Milltown Cemetery in Belfast. He killed three mourners at a joint IRA funeral on 16 March 1988.
Several Palestinians Injured Near Hebron in Israeli attack on funeral procession | Occupied Palestine | فلسطين
49 killed in double bomb attack at Sunni mosque and funeral procession in Iraq | Mail Online
WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT: The deadliest attack occured when two bombs exploded outside a Sunni Muslim mosque in the Iraqi city of Baquba as worshippers left Friday prayers.




History of U.S. Military Interventions since 1890
Censored Images of War (part 2) – YouTube
What US citizens should not see..
Blackwater: Shadow Army – YouTube
The Nation’s Jeremy Scahill describes the rise of Blackwater USA, the world’s most powerful mercenary army.
U.S. Military Wanted to Provoke War With Cuba – ABC News
U.S. Military Wanted to Provoke War With Cuba
War Games « Drew University Magazine
WikiLeaks’ Collateral Murder: U.S. Soldier Ethan McCord – YouTube U.S. Soldier Ethan McCord speaking about the civilian massacre d…
‘US imperial military presence unprecedented’ – YouTube
The American military presence in the world is global, blogger and author Tom Engelhardt told RT. “The Pentagon usually admits yearly to about 800 military b…
We are Losing our Nation to Lies about the Necessity of War – YouTube
Speaking on the House floor, Kucinich addressed an expected vote on a $33 billion supplemental war funding bill:
Another Runaway General: Army Deploys Psy-Ops on U.S. Senators | Politics News | Rolling Stone
World Tired of Paying Bill for US Military
Michael Hudson: Major countries looking for alternatives to US dollar
Man whose WMD lies led to 100,000 deaths confesses all – World Politics – World – The Independent
A man whose lies helped to make the case for invading Iraq – starting a nine-year war costing more than 100,000 lives and hundreds of billions of pounds – will come clean in his first British television interview tomorrow.
TOP OF THE WORLD: NATO Rehearses For War In The Arctic
110211-02 Special operations focuses on world’s ‘unlit spaces’
‘Pentagon sanitizes movies to make Americans warlike’ – YouTube
Normally in the film making process, script changes are made all the time. But few realize it’s the Pentagon frequently calling the shots. RT talks to writer…
Map of U.S. Military bases around the world | Hidden Harmonies China Blog
(February 10, 2012: This is a re-write of the original as many readers on the Internet are finding their way to this article. The points are the same as before,
PressTV – America very prepared for war: American analyst
Interview with activist and former American intelligence linguist, Scott Rickard
Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars
The keys of the understanding of the world and its real rules may be explained in this TOP SECRET document. This social programming manual set out the strategies and the goals of the world rulers.
Eisenhower warns us of the military industrial complex. – YouTube
Dwight D. Eisenhower exit speech on Jan.17,1961. Warning us of the military industrial complex.
NATO’s Worldwide Expansion in the Post-Cold World Era | Global Research



The 3 Wars of Albert Pike – YouTube
It is claimed that Albert Pike had a dream which he shared with an associate. It detailed 3 world wars necessary to bring about the One World Order. The vali…
Welcome to the Project for the New American Century
Why Another Defense Review – RebuildingAmericasDefenses.pdf




Fall 1941: Pearl Harbor and The Wars of Corporate America | Global Research




“The War is Worth Waging”: Afghanistan’s Vast Reserves of Minerals and Natural Gas
Afghan Massacre: the Convoy of Death – YouTube
‘Afghan Massacre: the Convoy of Death’ was the film that first exposed the massacre of over 2000 Taleban prisoners of war in November 2001. On Sunday July 12…
cnn documentary about the failed take over of afghanistan by the soviet union.the war started with the assasination of the leader of the soviet installed pup…




NATO powers have long history of massacres in Africa
Far from a humanitarian force on the continent, U.S. and European imperialists have historically perpetrated the most heinous acts to impose their rule.


battlefield nuke


Battlefield Nuke Video
Battlefield Nuke video from YouTube. Nuke on BF2
Panel Backs ‘Battlefield’ Nukes – Bill Would Remove Prohibition on Smaller Low-yield Warheads
Military Monday: The Davy Crockett Battlefield Nuclear Weapon System — Behind Blue Lines
In the bad old days of the Cold War, we lived in a bilateral world composed of the Communist nations led by the Soviet Union and the free world organized around the US and NATO nations. The military fulcrum of
Pakistan’s terrible idea to develop battlefield nukes – Page 17
Originally Posted by Contrarian Secondly, regardless of whether Pakistan decides its a limit or not. IN will blockade Pakistan. And will face




Who Authorized Preparations for War with China? | Yale Journal of International Affairs
By Amitai Etzioni* Abstract—The Pentagon has concluded that the time has come to prepare for war with China, and in a manner well beyond crafting the sort of contingency plans that are expected for wide a range of possible confrontations. It is …




Wanted: Cyber Warriors and Media Sanitizers | Threat Level |
Defense and intelligence contractor Raytheon is moving into the lucrative realm of cyber warfare, and wants to hire hundreds of “cyber warriors” to “pl Special Report: Cybersecurity
Army establishes Army Cyber Command | Article | The United States Army
U.S. Army Cyber Command headquarters will be located in the National Capital Region and will realign Soldiers and Civilians into essential ARCYBER headquarters positions. The total command strength of 21,000 Soldiers and Civilians will be located around the globe.
Pentagon’s Cyber Command seeks authority to expand its battlefield
The Pentagon’s new Cyber Command is seeking authority to carry out computer network attacks around the globe to protect U.S. interests, drawing objections from administration lawyers uncertain about the legality of offensive operations.




The Record on CURVEBALL
THE IRAQ WAR READER: A History of War Crimes and Genocide. The Unleashing of America’s New Global Militarism
American Atrocities In Iraq !!! – YouTube
American soldiers talk about war crimes in Iraq !!!
‘I didn’t think of Iraqis as humans,’ says U.S. soldier who raped 14-year-old girl before killing her and her family | Mail Online
Steven Green, a former 101st Airborne soldier, is challenging the constitutionality of his conviction, claimed that his crimes were fuelled in part by experiences in Iraq’s violent ‘Triangle of Death’.
CONGRESSMAN RON PAUL: Classified Cable Proves US Ok’d Saddam’s Kuwait Invasion | Veterans Today
Surprise! Iraq War Deaths Exceed Vietnam War
Viewzone Magazine offers a look at life and humanity from different angles. Recent UFO Sightings
US Troops in Iraq talk about Halliburton & KBR – YouTube
Interviews with US troops and Halliburton employees explain what is happening in Iraq. Scene from the documentary Iraq For Sale by Robert Greenwald.
Thanks for the memories Saddam – YouTube
Need to know history lesson on Saddam and our government.




Video of huge weapons arsenal ‘for Libya rebels’ seized on Qatar boats – YouTube
Libyan officials say they have intercepted two boats from Qatar carrying a cache of weapons for rebel forces in the country. It’s said the load included abou…


Long War on Terror


“ Fighting the Long War– Military Strategy for the War on Terrorism”
Kilcullen’s Long War | The Nation
Washington gets explicit: its ‘war on terror’ is permanent | Glenn Greenwald | Comment is free |
Glenn Greenwald: Senior Obama officials tell the US Senate: the ‘war’, in limitless form, will continue for ‘at least’ another decade – or two
Why I Threw Back My ‘Global War on Terror’ Medal | Common Dreams
General Wesley Clark explains Libyan invasion, Syria, Somalia planned years in advance – YouTube
Gen. Wesley Clark claims that ten days after 911 military invasions of Iraq and Libya, with several other Middle Eastern countries, were already planned and …
The Long War | The ‘Long War’ quagmire – Los Angeles Times
Without public debate and without congressional hearings, a segment of the Pentagon and fellow travelers have embraced a doctrine known as the Long War, which projects an “arc of instability” caused
Finally, Some Clarity in the War on Terror . . . « JONATHAN TURLEY




Time to End Western Support for Terrorists in Syria: “Opposition” is Entirely Run by Al Qaeda | Global Research


The U.S. Invasion of Panama 1989: The Injustice of “Operation Just Cause”
▶ Secretary of State Hillary Clinton Admits the U.S. Government Created al-Qaeda (April 2010) – YouTube




Whistleblowers A-D | The Whistleblower Directory
Obama only goes after leaks that don’t benefit him – CBS News
Peter Van Buren: White House’s leak war only pays attention to whistleblowers who don’t portray president as superhero
Tomgram: Peter Van Buren, Joining The Whistleblowers’ Club | TomDispatch is for anyone seeking a deeper understanding of our post-9/11 world and a clear sense of how our imperial globe actually works.




Rachel Corrie – Interview – YouTube
Footage from Rachel’s interview conducted by Middle East Broadcasting Company on March 14th, 2003, two days before she was murdered by the Israeli Defense Fo…
If Americans Knew – what every American needs to know about Israel/Palestine
If Americans Knew is dedicated to providing Americans with everything they need to know about Israel and Palestine.
AIPAC and the Zionist Hex on America « Just Wondering – Alternative News and Opinions
Vanunu Mordechai,Nuclear Weapons in Israel-May-23-2010. – YouTube
Vanunu Mordechai Speaking Before going to Prison again,for 3 months,and Speaking about Israel Nuclear Weapons -MAY-23/05/2010. new world reality.FREE WORLD F…
Michele Bachmann Addresses the Zionist Organization of America | The Nation
‘US lawmakers forced to support Israel’ – Cynthia McKinney on PressTV – YouTube
Former US lawmaker Cynthia McKinney says every candidate for Congress has to sign a pledge to vote for supporting the military superiority of Israel. “Every …



Robert Koch – Biography, The Official Web Site of the Nobel Prize
Bebe Koch
Cyber encyclopedia of Jewish history and culture that covers everythingfrom anti-Semitism to Zionism. It includes a glossary, bibliography of web sites and books, biographies, articles, original documents and much more!
Edward Irving Koch
Cyber encyclopedia of Jewish history and culture that covers everything from anti-Semitism to Zionism. It includes a glossary, bibliography of web sites and books, biographies, articles, original documents and much more!
Koch, Adelheid Lucy


Zionist Jews Caught Faking Al Qaeda ( Al CIA-da ) – YouTube
~ ✟ Veritas ✟ Vincit ✟ Omnia ✟ ~ Creating Fake Enemies. Great little Video that Exposes the Disgraceful and Utterly Perfidious Activities and Motives of cer…
Meyer Lansky – Murder, Inc. – Jewish Mafia – Russian Mafia
Meyer Lansky was an underworld figure who is credited with killing JFK, RFK, and founding today’s Las Vegas. His money got JFK elected. When JFK caused Marilyn Monroe’s death, Lansky killed him and his brother for turning traitor to the Mafia.
Israel admits Ethiopian women were given birth control shots Israel News | Haaretz Daily Newspaper
Health Minister director general instructs all gynecologists in Israel’s four health maintenance organizations not to inject women with long-acting contraceptive Depo-Provera if they do not understand ramifications of treatment.
Top Rabbi Exposes Jewish Racism! – YouTube DON’T LET MY VIDEOS BE CENSORED! Due to organized efforts to stifle free speech and ban my videos — YouTube restrictions have led t…
Defamation – ADL bullying Ukraine into downplaying the Holodomor as serious as the Holocaust – YouTube
Used in this post;
BBC pulls documentary claiming story of Jewish exodus from Jerusalem is a ‘myth |  SHOAH
ISRAEL – YouTube
Israel and the Middle East seen through a funny animated pseudo-Biblical account that will save you at least one semester of History in college 🙂 For examp…
Henry Kissinger Confronted While Receiving The Freedom Award – YouTube
Follow Luke at and For the third time, Luke Rudkowski confronts Henry Ki…
Israel’s Nuclear Weapons – Facts on the Jewish Threat against World Peace – Radio Islam
Israel’s Nuclear Weapons
Israel’s Attack on Syria Designed to Force US Intervention | EXTREME PREJUDICE
When truth becomes treason
Israel Grants Oil Rights in Syria’s Golan Heights to Rothschild, Cheney and Murdoch | LeakSource
#1 Source for Leaks Around the World!
Activist Post: AIPAC Promotes War on Iran


DO YOU STILL BELIEVE IN THE “AMERICAN DREAM”? The “Frog Revolution”, Mounting Social Inequality and the “Super Rich”
EPIC FAIL – PART ONE « The Burning Platform
History is about to repeat itself – YouTube
Heretic Productions Present: From the pen of Mike Rivero: History is about to repeat itself.
Home – National Priorities Project
National Priorities Project (NPP) makes complex federal budget information transparent and accessible so people can prioritize and influence how their tax dollars are spent.
Homeland Security
Pagan Humor – Homeland Security
Inside the quiet effort to plan for a post-Assad Syria | The Cable
New FOIA Documents Reveal DHS Social Media Monitoring During Obama Inauguration | Electronic Frontier Foundation
Render to Caesar, Extraordinarily | Common Dreams
CFR – Code of Federal Regulations Title 21
Annals of National Security: The Redirection : The New Yorker
Online version of the weekly magazine, with current articles, cartoons, blogs, audio, video, slide shows, an archive of articles and abstracts back to 1925
The Psychology of Authority – YouTube
What percentage of people would obey if they were ordered to commit murder? The answer might surprise you. —- Follow us on Facebook:…
The Attempted Assassination of Ronald Reagan – YouTube
The Reagan assassination attempt occurred on March 30, 1981, just 69 days into the presidency of Ronald Reagan. While leaving a speaking engagement at the Wa…
3 Branches of Government – YouTube
WEBSITE: 3 Branches of Government
What is the Republic? | Republic for the united States of America
Kelby Smith – Introduction Video For The People Of The UNITED STATES CORPORATION – YouTube Kelby Smith gives an introduction to the people of the de facto on April 13th, 2011 on a Republic weekly call. I edited the original aud…
USDOJ: OIP: Reports: 2011 FOIA Litigation and Compliance Report
Q&A ABOUT THE ASSASSINATION OF PRESIDENT KENNEDY: An Attorney’s Evidentiary & Historical Analysis By Michael B. Schweitzer, Attorney at Law (retired) November 22, 2012 Introductory note:  Today marks the 49th anniversary of the coup d’état that changed the United States of America forever: the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, and the assassination of the…
Bertrand Russell’s Ten Commandments for Living in a Healthy Democracy | Open Culture
Bertrand Russell saw the history of civilization as being shaped by an unfortunate oscillation between two opposing evils: tyranny and anarchy, each of
John Pilger – Obama and Empire – YouTube
Author, journalist, film maker John Pilger speaks at Socialism 2009; Filmed by Paul Hubbard at the Womens Build…
The Obama Deception HQ Full length version – YouTube
Get the DVD @ The Obama Deception is a hard-hitting film that completely destroys the myth that Barack Oba…

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