configuration of spirit potential

Every configuration of spirit potential represents a separate paradigm for interpreting and molding reality. Multiple configurations can exist together and independently.


A carpenter will have a different configuration set than a potter. Both the carpenter and the potter will also share something in common – creation of objects which will modify brain structure to facilitate the proper hand and arm movements.


Now an author strings words together to create a story but she does not manipulate the material world as do the carpenter and potter.


An author has more in common with an accountant except the accountant is not likely to be creative unless he worked for Dick Cheney.


The function of the brain is in the main eliminative of sensory input into conscious awareness.


Also eliminated is the background calculations made of current environmental conditions unless the klaxons go off in which case we get a nice glandular emotional charge to awaken us out of our hypnotic trance, the one that we exist in during most waking moments when the third eye is closed.

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