a millennium from NOW

In the beginning,

once upon a time,

in a non existent galaxy,

a trillion light years away,

there was Nothing.


then SOMETHING happened !


not quite sure what it was as no one was there to see what it was …


but you know how it is Something Happens !


– anyhow – time to get back to telling tall tales –


molecules collapsed upon themselves under the immense gravitational force


roaring hydrogen furnaces come into Being


spinning, energy modulations spinning away into the Void


twisting, turning spinning energy modulations dance




finally enough molecular weight to create LIFE collects


electromagnetic storms energize the Primordial Soup and SPARK LIFE !!!


eons pass … but they do not pass in stasis … changes occur


LIFE comes into existence.


Eons pass again … LIFE becomes aware of itself


LIFE darn near jumps out of its skin when it recognizes ITSELF.


and LIFE becomes afraid of itself and tries to hide from its conscious the fact that it is ALIVE .


LIFE looks around at THE GARDEN it finds itself in and says to itself “This Garden needs tending!”


and here we find ourselves living a life filled with never ending wonder at the turn of the millennial calendar around 3 millennium after the Western Calendar system was invented!

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