The movie “Minions” stabs the Dominion of Tyrants in the eye !

The 11th highest-grossing film of all time, the 2nd highest-grossing animated film, and the highest-grossing non-Disney animated film -ever !

” For a giant animated family film with lavish aspirations towards global box office domination, the 3D Minions is a surprisingly demented delight; a crazy, spirited, if simplistic fusion of off-beat adult humor blended with the sensibility of an anarchic toddler.” – Fionnuala Halligan

Even with their unnatural desire to serve the strongest alpha consciousness the Minions appear innocent. While they are happy carrying around a Lava gun their best weapon is the ability to hypnotize those around them to support them in their criminal endeavors.

“Narrator Geoffrey Rush tells us that minions have existed since the dawn of life on this planet — yep, this is an origin story — following, at first, unicellular alphas and then larger and larger apex predators, providing their evil overlords with adoration and support before eventually doing something klutzy that destroys their superior.” – Alonso Duralde

The film’s opening moments depicts the Minions’ origination as one-celled organisms that evolve into one-brain-celled organisms with arms and legs. The Minions have no conscience and serve their evil leader (whichever alpha brain is resting on the keystone of the animal kingdom pyramid in the immediate vicinity) with no thought as to the effect on surrounding life. The Minions hypocritically mumble the word kumbaya as a symbol of peaceful agreement between themselves.

” “Minions” opens with The Turtles’ “Happy Together,” ends post-credits with The Beatles’ “Revolution”” – Odie Henderson

“After attempting to build their own civilization, the Minions, with no one truly evil to lead them, became sad.” – Stephanie Zacharek

“Speaking of depression, it seems that the sole quest of Kevin and his buddies doesn’t amount to much more than trying to avoid having the entire minions species succumb to gloominess and despair at the South Pole. While certainly different from that hoary race-to-save-the-world cliché, it is simultaneously a somewhat odd common goal to work toward in a film aimed at families — including their youngest members.” – Boyd van Hoeij

The entire movie pokes fun at the advertising industry, newscasters, Hollywood and Disney, in particular, while using the same theatrical elements expected in Hollywood movies. Minions stabs Empire right in the eye. In the sewer scene there is a plaque on the wall reading “God Save the Queen”. All those who understand power understand that the figurehead of Empire is seen by those with single celled brains, minions, as an alpha consciousness Savior attracting them through its exercise of dominating alpha willpower.

“The film is set in 1968, which inspires some nifty retro looks (egg chairs, mod suits) and overplayed hits from the Kinks, the Doors, and the Who.” – Kimberley Jones

“A campaign billboard for Richard Nixon teases a more subversive comedy about power worshiping and pack mentality—why else set the action in that era?” – Joe McGovern

When a person sits down to view a movie it only take but a minute or two for the brain to switch from Beta mode, where judgement occurs over content added to consciousness stream, to Alpha mode where content is added to memory without judicious review. To bypass adult cognition clever tricks are used that while being totally overlooked by the adult consciousness are swiftly incorporated in a child’s consciousness. There is a valid reason for the PG rating.

Elements adults are likely to miss that children are unlikely to miss:
A minion makes a brown rat into a pet.
Angry policeman pour tea while giving chase.
Fox hunters riding foxes with last man on dead (or stuffed) fox.
At Abbey Road after John, Paul and George step gingerly on the manhole cover Ringo jumps on it forcing it to the ground along with the minions heads.

“The Three Stooge minions — Kevin, Stuart and Bob — bravely go searching for new employment, a pursuit that resembles an all-too-familiar story about the instability of the contemporary labor market.” – Manhola Dargis

Although there is plenty of gratuitous violence at least these three minion stooges are not always beating up on each other up like the Three Stooges – Moe Howard, Curly Howard, Larry Fine – did in their American vaudeville act.

Moral moments:
A woman can be just as evil as a man.
Shows Stanley Kubrick’s moon landing.
Figureheads senseless drivel is always just that.
Don’t mock the elderly or they will poke you.
Shows the Queen in her true light – beating up a minion to save her crown, “You scoundrel!”

“After hitching a ride with a family of dubious morality whose car license plate reads “Luv 2 Rob”, the minions find themselves irresistibly drawn to the convention’s keynote address to be given by Scarlet Overkill, the world’s first female super villain whose motto is”Doesn’t it feel so good to be bad.” – Kenneth Turan

“Anyone who’s ever worked for a bad boss should appreciate the suffering Scarlet puts her underlings through, and yet, the filmmakers opt to use this wacky sadomasochist dynamic more for suspense than humor.” – Peter Debruge

“Bozo the Clown, at one point, is chasing the minions, as he juggles old-fashioned anarchist bombs. Who knew that Bozo went over to the dark side?” – Mick LaSalle

Immoral actualities:
A tyrant can modify the law by decree.
Civil English newscaster, in panic, predicts collapse of “civilization”.
A minion can become King if he succeeds in accomplishing a Heroic Act.(even if by accident)
The ticket taker at the Tower recognizes something is amiss but she gives minions a pass because they give her a solid gold bar.(bribery)
The Queen gives a minion a snow globe as a present. Minions need to be entertained and a snow globe is the perfect thing for a one celled organism.

Includes typical Hollywood sexuality but explicitly pokes fun at sexualization with near naked hypnotized dancing beefeaters as well as a minion in a thong in a hot tub with a fire hydrant on each arm.

“Crazy gadgets include a hypno-hat and a lava gun, there’s a clown who juggles bombs while riding a unicycle, and it all ends with an extended Godzilla parody in Trafalgar Square.” – Neil Smith

When Scarlet Overkill steals the Crown she leaves a trail of fossil fuel particulate pollution behind. The depiction of the delusions of grandeur of the psychopath Scarlet Overkill accurately depict malignant narcissistic psychopathic ideation.

Entirely immoral imagery:
A Minion steals a wreath from a wake. There is nothing moral about stealing.
There is nothing funny about being blown apart. Using explosive imagery is terrorizing.
An angry mob uses Sumo wrestlers head as a battering ram. Nothing moral about using a living being as an object.
There is nothing funny about torture. Using a torture dungeon in a humorous manner downplays the seriousness of the concept of torture.
The single most immoral element found within the movie occurs when an air born object penetrates a building and that building subsequently falls directly into its own footprint.(911 Twin Towers myth)

“Even when Brian Lynch wanders into a potentially funny situation, such as Queen Elizabeth being happier as a commoner who hangs out at the pub, he doesn’t develop it.” – Kyle Smith

The creativity devolves in the end leading to a climax between a giant Stay Puft Marshmallow Man and Iron Man in Trafalgar Square.

” They save “Mellow Yellow” for the end credits, but something by the Moody Blues might have better reflected how ticket buyers will feel as they exit.” – Tom Russo

Moral of the story: Apex predators draw minions but the desire for power is without merit as apex predators always end badly. As a minion you will always be searching for an apex predator to follow. Unfortunately no apex predator will ever satisfy a minions desire as an object of worship as all apex predators have an Achilles heel.