Branches of Mystery Schools

Branches of  Mystery Schools all sprang from the same Philosophical Trunk of the Living Oak Tree growing within the Heart of Earth.


Each branch of the Living Oak Tree  channeled a slightly different hue, shade and tone of the Rainbow Spiral of Prismatic Light that pierced the Veil of Reality within the pulsing heartbeat of the Center of Universal Reality.


Initiates, resplendent with divine spiritual understanding, became the intellectual fruit bearing witness before the material world of the recondite source of all Light and Truth.


The Crux of all the Mystery Schools was that if man did not become Enlightened during his sojourn on Earth he would be destined to continue wandering on through Eternity or to be lined up on the floor of Hades where the sleepers slept through all Eternity as they slept through Life.


To become Enlightened meant to be freed from the Earthly desire of Possession.


A man, gazing into the Mirror of Nature, that fails to accept the fact that the vehicle that carries him is truly senseless clay, loses the opportunity afforded by material Life to unfold his immortal, invisible Self.


The Soul, a Living Spirit, animates flesh but most people are not ruled by their Living Soul but by the Dead Matter Clay of the flesh.


A Mystic carries two torches, reason and intuition.


A Mystic is taught to Ascend  from the darkness of his Dead Matter entombment to the Light of Spiritual Understanding to be Eternally freed from the shackles of Crystallized Thought.



Initiation lasts for 9 days, each day symbolizing a month in the womb. Each day the Human Soul Descends through one Sphere Shell until the Final Day when the Descension is complete and the Human Soul is born within Human Flesh  into Gaia.


The candidate must pass through two gates. The first leads downward into a dark dank room symbolizing man’s birth into ignorance. The second leads upward into a brightly glowing pulsating room symbolizing man’s Awakening.


God, being a luminous principle, residing in the midst of the most subtle fire, remains forever invisible to those who do not elevate themselves above a Dead Matter Life.


The initiation ceremony will be closed with the Sanskrit  words “adeep vitarka” (Emanating Light of Creator and Sustainer’s  Discernment)


The Mysteries teach an individual how to live.


The Mysteries teach an individual how to pass beyond with dignity.

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