Review of “A Christian Worldview” by Francis A Schaeffer , 1981

(Note: This may not be accessible to those unfamiliar with the Mystical Experience, unfamiliar with Francis’ work or unfamiliar with my style of playing semantically to send multiple tiered messages to the subconscious  of the reader while entertaining the language recognition center of conscious thought.)


i will preface everything that follows with this paraphrastic analysis of what i see as the critical point of “A Christian Worldview” by Francis A Schaeffer.

There are only two ways to perceive Reality:

from a dead chaotic energy / materialistic perspective of Reality,

or from a living patterned structured / spiritualistic aspect of Reality.

Earthly governance based, on the dead matter perspective, inevitably descends into tyranny.  As long as there are resources of others to be taken the Imperial Capital will prosper – but nations of Vampires eat themselves if the blood from yonder province stops flowing in. Individuals with the chaotic material -energy view of Reality are firm in the belief that there exists no consciousness greater than that of the individual human and the crutch of Reality is that i myself, and i alone, am that HUMAN. Coercion, loss of life, destruction of family are the inevitable results. This is where we are today . This requires acceptance of the State as Supreme Law.

This was recognized by  Martin Luther with Germany fighting Roman tribute which set the stage for the Reformation that brought the only true freedom “civilized” man has known.

Only an elemental form of self governance which enshrines  a moral system dedicated to the preservation of Life,  of family and of community in which there exists a Creator and Sustainer can create freedom and prosperity.


“The basic problem of the Christians in the last eighty years or so in regard to society and in regard to government is that they have seen things in bits and pieces instead of totals.” – A Christian Worldview, by Francis A Schaeffer , 1981.


As Francis feared Liberal Christian Theology, thinly disguised worship of Mammon,  reigns in Amerika today !  Come and worship Joel Osteen and go home a rich man !

True Gnostic Panentheistic Christianity, the Word, as espoused by JESUS CHRIST is LIFE CENTRIC.


“It is not that these two world views are different only in how they understand the nature of reality and existence. They also inevitably produce totally different results. The operative word is inevitably. It is not just that they happen to bring forth different results but it is absolutely inevitable they will bring forth different results.

True spirituality covers all of reality. It is not only that true spirituality covers all of life, but it covers all parts of the spectrum of life equally. In this sense there is nothing in reality that is not spiritual.

Aldous Huxley and others like him understood much earlier than Christians that these two world views are two total concepts of reality standing in antithesis to each other. They understood not only that there were two totally different concepts but that they would bring forth two totally different conclusions both for individuals and for society. What we must understand is that the two world views really do bring  forth with inevitable certainty nor only personal differences, but also total differences in regard to society, government, and law.” – Francis A Schaeffer


Tradition Christian symbols have experienced genocide . They were systematically eradicated starting with Russell H. Conwell who said the following in his “Acres of Diamond” presentation (which required a paid ticket to attend),

“There never was a place on earth more adapted than the city of Philadelphia to-day, and never in the history of the world did a poor man without capital have such an opportunity to get rich quickly and honestly as he has now in our city. I say it is the truth, and I want you to accept it as such; for if you think I have come to simply recite something, then I would better not be here. I have no time to waste in any such talk, but to say the things I believe, and unless some of you get richer for what I am saying to-night my time is wasted. I say that you ought to get rich, and it is your duty to get rich.”


Other traditional Christian symbols were murdered by Phineas Parkhurst Quimby, William Essek Kenyon, Aimee Semple McPherson, William Marrion Branham, Rodney Howard-Browne, Jimmy Swaggart, Paul Cain, Mike Bickle, Marion Gordon “Pat” Robertson, John Wimber, Lonnie Frisbee, Matt Sorger, Tim LaHaye & Hal Lindsey, William Eugene Scott, Creflo A. Dollar, George Otis Jr., Rick Joyner, Dutch Sheets, Joel Scott Osteen and a legion of others both past and present.


“The Humanist world view controls the consensus of society, the media, the educational system and global governance.  The term Humanist is defined as Man replacing the Natural Order with Man’s “order”.

Materialists not only do not know what God is they do not know what Man is. Their concept of Man is what Man is not, just as their concept of final reality is what reality is not. Since their concept of man is mistaken, their concept of society and of law is mistaken and they have no sufficient base for either society or law.

They have reduced Man to even less than his natural finiteness  by seeing him only as a complex arrangement of molecules, made complex by blind chance. Instead of seeing him as something great who is significant even in his faults, they see Man in his essence only as an intrinsically competitive animal, that has no other basic operating principle than natural selection brought about by the strongest, the fittest, ending on top. And they see Man as acting in this way both individually and collectively as society. Although many nice words may be used, in reality law constituted on this basis can only mean brute force.

The humanists push for “freedom” but having no Christian consensus to contain it that “freedom” leads to chaos or to slavery under the state (or under an elite). Humanism with its lack of any formal base for values or law, always leads to chaos. It then naturally leads to some form of authoritarianism to control the chaos. Having produced the sickness humanism gives more of the same kind of medicine for a cure. With its mistaken concept of final reality it has no intrinsic reason to be interested in the individual, the human being. Its natural interest is the two collectives: the state and society.” – Francis A Schaeffer


The Humanist / Materialist perspective of Reality looks to the Natural Order and sees man as just another animal – nothing special about a Human Being. If there is nothing special about a Human Being, if a Human Being is just another animal, well  then, he must be farmed, contained, controlled and, as the only way to control LIFE is to call upon the assistance of Death, each human unit must have an expiry date when useful working lifespan ends or be put to death under properly specified conditions  – conditions specified by the High Council of the Hunger Games. Never forget ! The rules can change so try to catch the attention of a Sponsor !

After never ending encounters with individuals with a completely corrupt understanding of reality i recognized certain patterns.  One of the first patterns of deception that clearly stood out was the lies being told about the founding of America.  Myths and legends abound ! But what about Reality ?


“John-Witherspoon, a Presbyterian minister and president of what is now Princeton University, was the only pastor to sign the Declaration of Independence. He linked the Christian thinking represented by the College of New Jersey (now Princeton University) with the work he did both on the Declaration of Independence and on countless very important committees in the founding of the country. This linkage of Christian thinking and the concepts of government were not incidental but fundamental.

John Witherspoon knew and stood consciously in the stream of Samuel Rutherford, a Scotsman who lived from 1600-1661 and who wrote Lex Rex in 1644. Lex Rex means law is king – a phrase that was absolutely earthshaking. Prior to that it had been Rex Lex, the king is law. In Lex Rex he wrote that the law, and no one else, is king. Therefore, the heads of government are under the law, not a law unto themselves.

Jefferson, who was a Deist, and others, knew they stood in the stream of John Locke, and while Locke had secularized Lex Rex he had drawn heavily from it. These men really knew what they were doing. They understood that they were founding the country upon the concept that there is Someone there who gave the inalienable rights.  They publicly recognized that law could be king because there was a Law Giver, a Person to give the inalienable rights.

They knew they were building on the Supreme Being who was the Creator, the final reality. And they knew that without that foundation everything in the Declaration of Independence and all that followed would be sheer unadulterated nonsense.” – Francis A Schaeffer


Rationalism lies at the Heart of this debate. Materialists will tell you that a Spiritualist cannot be Rational. The Truth is that a materialist can think neither Logically or Rationally. Why are they unable to think Rationally or Logically ? The fundamental premise upon which they base every other conceptual structure is WRONG!  They ASSUME STASIS  ! Physics has proved beyond a shadow of a doubt Stasis does not exist, cannot exist and never will exist !


“Everyone who hears these words of mine and heeds them not will be like a foolish man who built his house on the sand.” – Matthew 7:26

Any individual that claims to be a “scientist” that fails to recognize the flexible changing Nature of Reality will build a conceptual worldview structure on shifting sand. Every thought there after will be corrupted by foundational instability.

“There is no significant example in history, before our time, of a society successfully maintaining a moral life without the aid of religion.” – Will and Ariel Durant, “The Story of Civilization”


I personally do not consider Western Civilization moral. The political elite talk about bringing freedom to countries being controlled by the immoral people of the Earth is The Joke.  How can immoral people, those intentionally forcing others to commit to action against their wills, claim to bring morality to an immoral people ?


Francis makes this statement, “A nonlawyer like myself has a right to feel somewhat let down because the Christian lawyers did not blow the trumpets clearly between, let us say, 1940 and 1970.”

“Law in this country his become situational law. That is, a small group of people decide arbitrarily what, from their viewpoint, is for the good of society, at that precise moment and they make it law, binding the whole society by their personal arbitrary decisions. These things are the natural inevitable results of the material-energy humanistic concept of the final basic reality. From the material-energy, chance concept of final reality, final reality is, and must be by its nature silent as to values, principles or any basis for law. There is no way to ascertain “the ought” from “the is.” Not only should we have known what this would have produced, but on the basis of this viewpoint of reality, we should have recognized that there are no other conclusions that this view could produce. It is a natural result of really believing that the basic reality of all things is merely material-energy shaped into its present form by impersonal chance.” – Francis A Schaeffer


Francis failed to understand that to get a law degree you must prove that you are a follower of the law – and it is all sociological law now.  Jesus Christ came to repeal the sociological law of the Pharisees as written in the Babylonian Talmud.To become a lawyer one must accept the Dead Matter view of Reality or, at a minimum, be able to fake belief in a Dead Matter Reality

Every individual aligns him or herself up to either descend into dead matter death or Ascend into EVERLASTING LIFE. That is a choice, not a dilemma !


“The law, and especially the courts, is the vehicle to force this total humanistic way of thinking upon the entire population. The abortion law is a perfect example. The Supreme Court abortion ruling invalidated abortion laws in all fifty states, even though it seems clear that in 1973 the majority of Americans were against abortion. It did not matter. The Supreme Court arbitrarily ruled that abortion was legal, and overnight they overthrew the state laws and forced onto American thinking not only that abortion was legal, but that it was ethical. They, as an elite, thus forced their will on the majority, even though their ruling was arbitrary both legally and medically. Thus law and the courts became the vehicle for forcing a totally secular concept on the population.” – Francis A Schaeffer


Matter is just matter. Doesn’t matter whether it is a rock, a person or a fetus. All just dead matter. Crush a person like you crush a rock. It feels no pain. Just dead matter. All cellular structures are just Dead Matter with an Electric Mechanical Charge.


“I would say for the comfort of the Christian lawyers, it was not only the lawyers that did not blow the trumpet. Certainly the Bible-believing theologians were not very good at blowing trumpets either. In 1893 Dr. Charles A. Briggs had been put out of the Presbyterian ministry for teaching liberal theology. I would repeat that liberal theology is only humanism in theological terms. Then after Dr. Briggs was put out of the Presbyterian ministry there largely followed a tremendously great silence. Until the twenties and the thirties, few, if any, among the Bible-believing theologians blew a loud horn. By that time it was too late as most of the old line denominations had come under the dominance of liberal theology at the two power centers of the bureaucracies and the seminaries. By then voices were raised. But with rare exceptions, by that time it was too late. From then on, the liberal theologians would increasingly side with the secular humanists in matters of life style and the rulings of sociological law. And those Bible-believing theologians who did see the theological danger seemed totally blind to what was happening in law and in the total culture. Thus the theologians did no better in seeing the shift from one world view to a totally different world view. Nor did Christian educators do any better either.” – Francis A Schaeffer


There were no Christian educators as Christianity is precluded from the classroom.


” … grants had been made by foundations, chiefly by Carnegie and Rockefeller, which had been used to further this purpose by directing education in the United States toward an international frame of reference and discrediting the traditions to which it had been dedicated, by training individuals and servicing agencies to render advice to the executive branch of the Federal Government, by decreasing the dependency of education upon the resources of the local community, and freeing it from many of the natural safeguards inherent in this American tradition, by changing both school and college curricula to the point where they sometimes denied the principles underlying the American way of life, by financing experiments designed to determine the most effective means by which education could be pressed into service of a political nature …” HEARINGS BEFORE THE SPECIAL COMMITTEE TO INVESTIGATE TAX-EXEMPT FOUNDATIONS AND COMPARABLE ORGANIZATIONS – HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES – EIGHTY-THIRD CONGRESS – SECOND SESSION on House Resolution 217


“Our view of final reality-whether it is material-energy, shaped by impersonal chance, or the living God and Creator – will determine our position on every crucial issue we face today. It will determine our views on the value and dignity of people, the base for the kind of life the individual and society lives, the direction law will take, and whether there will be freedom or some form of authoritarian dominance.” – Francis A Schaeffer


Matter is just matter. Doesn’t matter whether it is a rock or a person. All just dead matter. Crush a person like you crush a rock. It feels no pain. Just dead matter.


“If we are going to join the battle in a way that has any hope of effectiveness – with Christians truly being salt and the light in our culture and our society – then we must – do battle on the entire front. We must not finally even battle on the front for freedom, and specially not only our freedom. It must be on the basis of Truth. Not just religious truths, but the Truth of what the final reality is. Is it impersonal material or is it the living God?” – Francis A Schaeffer


Matter is just matter. Doesn’t matter whether it is a rock or a person. All just dead matter. Crush a person like you crush a rock. It feels no pain. Just dead matter.

But why is matter dead or why is matter viewed as dead ?


” The Humanist Manifesto not only says that humanism is a religion but the Supreme Court has declared it to be a religion. The 1961 case of  Torcaso v. Watkins specifically defines secular humanism as a religion equivalent to theistic and other nontheistic religions. On page 19 the Humanist Manifesto II says “It [the State] should not favor any particular religious bodies through the use of public monies. . . . Ironically, it is the humanist religion which the government and courts in the United States favor over all others! The ruling of the Supreme Court in the Torcaso v. Watkins case in 1961 is instructive in another way. It shows that within the span of twenty-eight years the Supreme Court turned radically from a Christian memory to a humanist consensus.

In 1933 in the United States v. MacIntosh case about conscientious objection, Justice Hughes stated in his dissent: “The essence of religion is belief in a relation to God involving duties superior to those arising from any human relation . . . One cannot speak of religious liberty, with proper appreciation of its essential and historical  significance without assuming the existence of a belief in supreme allegiance to the Will of God.”

Most fundamentally, our culture, society, government, and law are in the condition they are in, not because of a conspiracy, but because the church has forsaken its duty to be the salt of the culture. It is the church’s duty (as well as its privilege) to do now what it should have been doing all the time – to use the freedom we do have to be that salt of the culture. If the slide toward authoritarianism is to be reversed we need a committed Christian church that is dedicated to what John W. Whitehead calls “total revolution in the reformative sense. ” I would say one thing we certainly must do is get our information about anything like the Moral Majority not from the secular media, which so largely have the same humanistic perspective as the rest of culture has today. If we are going to make judgments on any such subject we must not get our final judgments uncritically from media that see things from this perspective. Most of the media do not have to be dishonest to slide things in their own direction because they see through the spectacles of a finally relativistic set of ethical personal and social standards.

We must realize that the communications media function much like the unelected federal bureaucracy. They are so powerful that they act as if they were a fourth branch of government in the United States. Charles Peters, editor-in-chief of  The Washington Monthly, in his book How Washington Really Works, writes that the media, instead of exposing the make believe, of the federal government, are “part of the show.” – Francis A Schaeffer


Steven Pinker likes to do a little sociological analysis, now and again, so let  us try to emulate him and talk about morals a little.

If Reality is Dead and i just finished pounding a Coke-Cola there is only one reason for me not to litter  – i will be reprimanded.  i may be reprimanded because, at the moment, it is 1) currently in vogue to save aluminum cans, 2) littering is frowned upon or 3) i may have to pay a fine.

Conversely if Reality is Alive then … well first off i will not be drinking phosphoric -coal tar- HFCS poison out of a toxic metal can … but  more importantly if i litter it upsets the BEAUTY of the NATURAL ORDER.

And, as Steven Pinker noted, all Thought Problems transferred into Reality seamlessly if you just change the meanings of the words  to reflect what the person actually does outside the laboratory.  But i digress.

Sociologically individual action is seen as totally different than group action largely due to the enhanced enlightened  Hive Mind Collective’s hubris in embracing “correct action” – “righteous action” – “worship of Mammon” and pursuit of Mammonic  pleasures for the benefit  of ALL ! Where did i misplace Pan’s pipes ? Pleasures of the Flesh beckon !

So we built a thought problem, just like Steven Pinker, for the individual … let us see if we can build one for the Collective.

The World is almost Dead . i have no resources but i have a bucket load of nuclear warheads i have been saving up because i am one paranoid acorn case that knows that the World is Dying . i have to gather enough resources to save me and my friends in the high technological style to which we have become accustomed . we have some old nuclear reactors but no viable fuel source for the future . Hey China has nuclear missiles !  If we nuke the major cities perhaps we can avoid nuclear winter and we can get their radioactive isotopes for our own use !

The World is Alive . i never build weapons of mass destruction .

I will take a bow now as i have blown Steven Pinker entirely out of Dead Water with a Rainbow Spiral Lightening Bolt of Life  ! Do you hear the Thunderous Applause ? Perhaps i need to turn down the volume on the Music of the Spheres ?


But again i digress ! Let us get back to the Crux of Reality and the relationship between the governing State and the individual Dancer.

“The old revivals are spoken about so warmly by the evangelical leadership. Yet they seem to have forgotten what those revivals were. Yes, the old revivals in Great Britain, in Scandinavia, and so on, and the old revivals in this country did call, without any question and with tremendous clarity, for personal salvation. But they also called for a resulting social action. Read the history of the old revivals. Every single one of them did this, and there can be no greater example than the great revivals of John Wesley and George Whitefield.” – Francis A Schaeffer


John Wesley knew how to Dance with Shiva !


“I propose now to make several remarks respecting forms of government, and the right and duty of revolution. There can scarcely be conceived a more abominable and fiendish maxim than ‘our country right or wrong’. Arbitrary legislation can never be obligatory.”- Charles Finney, Systemic Theology

“Either God is the Creator of the whole man, the whole universe, and all of reality and existence, or he is the Creator of none of it. If God is only the Creator of some divided platonic existence which leads to a tension between the body and the soul, the real world and the spiritual world, if God is only the Creator of some spiritual little experiential “praise the Lord” reality, then he is not much of a God. Indeed, he is not I AM at all.” – from Addicted to Mediocrity, Francis A Schaeffer


Here is where lies my problem with “Amerikan Christians”. Christians ain’t wimps and they stand up and speak out about the wrongs they see being committed. Looks to me that there is only a hand full of Christians in Amerika and i KNOW them ALL. i ain’t doin’ no more apolgetics for a bunch of wimpy pretenders !


“The dignity of human life is unbreakably linked to the existence of the personal-infinite God. It is because there is a personal-infinite God who has made men and women in his own image that they have a unique destiny of life as human beings. Human life then is filled with dignity. The state and humanistically oriented law have no right and no authority to take human life arbitrarily in the way that it is being taken. It is humanness that the humanist worldview is beating to death.

I do not think there will be a return to the old liberalism of the last fifty years. Rather my guess is that there will be some form of an elite authoritarianism. All that would be needed in much of the Western world is even an illusion of what George Will calls “improved economic numbers” to accept some form of an elite to give at least the illusion of these numbers.

What form of elite might take over? A number of thinkers have set forth their predictions. John Kenneth Galbraith has suggested an elite composed of intellectuals plus government. Daniel Bell , professor of sociology at Harvard University, saw an elite composed of select intellectuals made up of those who control the technological explosion, a technological elite.” – Francis A Schaeffer


Daniel Bell prophecies of a Transhumanist elite are being fulfilled at this very moment !


“If the layman cannot participate in decision making, he will have to turn himself over, essentially blind, to a hermetic elite.” – Gerald Holton


In the future it became a transhumanist joke to name the next lab baby after a science fiction movie from the 20th century. We find our two test tube babies Fahrenheit 451 and Soylent Green in the lab discussing their latest enhancements.

Fahrenheit 451 speaks in a monotone, “Check out this new extendable digit i just had implanted . I can stick it in liquid nitrogen and it does not die like the last one did .”

“i am so pleased with my new ultraviolet eyes …. even though i can no longer go out in the Sun i can see very well at night which helps me dodge the Morlocks when they come a harvesting.”


“The civil government, as all of Life, stands under the Law of God. In this fallen world God has given us certain offices to protect us from the chaos which is the natural result of that fallenness. But when any office commands that which is contrary to the Word of God, those who hold that office abrogate their authority and they are not to be obeyed. God has ordained the state as delegated authority; it is not autonomous. The state is to be an agent of justice, to restrain evil by punishing the wrongdoer, and to protect the good in society. When it does the reverse, it has no proper authority. It is then a usurped authority and as such it becomes lawless and is tyranny.

What is to be done when the state does that which violates its legitimate function? The early Christians died because they would not obey the state in a civil matter. People often say to us that the early church did not show any civil disobedience. They do not know church history. Why were the Christians in the Roman Empire thrown to the lions? From the Christian’s viewpoint it was for a religious reason. But from the viewpoint of the Roman State they were in civil disobedience. They were civil rebels. The Roman State did not care what anybody believed religiously: you could believe anything, or you could be an atheist. But you had to worship Caesar as a sign of your loyalty to the State. The Christians said they would not worship Caesar, anybody, or anything but the living God. Thus to the Roman Empire they were rebels, and it was civil disobedience. That is why they were thrown to the lions.

The bottom line is that at a certain point there is not only the right, but the duty, to disobey the state. Nearly everywhere that the Reformation flourished there was not only religious noncompliance: there was civil disobedience as well! .” – Francis A Schaeffer


The Lions are very hungry.  Hungry hungry Lions !


“Samuel Rutherford argued that all power comes from God and that government is ordained and instituted by God. The State is to be administered according to the principles of God’s Law. Acts of the state which contradicted God’s Law were illegitimate and acts of tyranny. Tyranny was defined as ruling without the sanction of God. Rutherford held that a tyrannical government is always immoral.

Rutherford presents several arguments to establish the right and duty of resistance to unlawful government.

First, since tyranny is satanic, not to resist it is to resist God – to resist tyranny is to honor God.

Second, since the ruler is granted power conditionally, it follows that the people have the power to withdraw their sanction if the proper conditions are not fulfilled.

The civil magistrate is a “fiduciary figure”- that is, he holds his authority in trust for the people. Violation of the trust gives the people a legitimate base for resistance. It follows from Rutherford’s thesis that citizens have a moral obligation to resist unjust and tyrannical government. Rutherford offered suggestions concerning illegitimate acts of the state. A ruler, he wrote should not be deposed merely because he commits a single breach of the compact he has with the people. Only when the magistrate acts in such a way that the governing structure of the country is being destroyed – that is, when he is attacking the fundamental structure of society  – is he to be relieved of his power and authority.

That is exactly what we are facing today. The whole structure of our society is being attacked and destroyed. It is being given an entirely opposite base which gives exactly opposite results. The reversal is much more total and destructive than that which Rutherford or any of the Reformers faced in their day.” – Francis A Schaeffer


Matter is just matter. Doesn’t matter whether it is a rock or a person. All just dead matter. Crush a person like you crush a rock. It feels no pain. Just dead matter. Doesn’t matter whether it is one person a hundred people,  a million people or a billion people . All just dead matter .

You are just Dead Matter . You are just a material – energy being thrown together by Chaos. You have no right to Life as you are just Dead Matter ! Line up ! We are firing up the Ovens for a Block Baking Party !


“For the private person, the individual, Rutherford suggested that there are three appropriate levels of resistance:

First, he must defend himself by protest (in contemporary society this would most often be by legal action); second, he must flee if at all possible; and, third, he may use force if necessary, to defend himself. One should not employ force if he may save himself by flight: nor should one employ flight if he can save himself and defend himself by protest and the employment of constitutional means of redress.

With respect to the corporate group or community there are two levels of resistance: remonstration or protest and, if necessary, force employed in self defense. ” – Francis A Schaeffer


Dead Matter offers no resistance . As it has no Life it has nothing to offer but Dead Matter.

Life, on the other hand, offers resistance to Death as it enjoys its condition of LIVING.


“We must never forget that the humanistic position is an exclusivist, closed system which shuts out all contending viewpoints – especially if these views teach anything other than relative values and standards. Anything which presents absolute truth, values, or standards is quite rightly seen by the humanist to be a total denial of the humanistic position. As a result the humanistic, material-energy, chance world view is completely intolerant when it presents itself through the political institutions and especially through the schools. The humanistic, material energy, chance world view intolerantly uses every form of force at its disposal to make its world view the exclusive one taught in schools.

Again we must see that what we face is a totality and not just bits and pieces. It is not too strong to say that we are at war, and there are no neutral parties in the struggle. One either confesses that God is the final authority, or one confesses that Caesar is Lord.” – Francis A Schaeffer


In the case of Amerika it your choice is: 1) the Creator and Sustainer is Lord or 2) Obama is Lord.

Obama commands Predator Drones, a nuclear arsenal , the largest military to have ever arisen on the face of Earth, has the legal ability to target and assassinate American citizens, can confiscate everything you own for the needs of the State including your Life and if you refuse to capitulate then he can TORTURE you, your wife and your  children to Death.

The Creator and Sustainer commands ALL OF REALITY(that trumps Obama for those that have a hard time imaging quantity) .


“The whole ‘Constantine mentality’ from the fourth century up to our day was a mistake. Constantine, as the Roman Emperor, in 313 ended the persecution of Christians. Unfortunately, the support he gave to the church led by 381 to the enforcing of Christianity, by Theodosius l, as the official state religion. Making Christianity the official state religion opened the way for confusion up till our own day. There have been times of very good government when this interrelationship of church and state has been present. But through the centuries it has caused great confusion between loyalty to the state and loyalty to Christ, between patriotism and being a Christian. We must not confuse the Kingdom of God with our country. Any government that contradicts the God’s Law abrogates its authority.

We have been utterly foolish in our concentration on bits and pieces, and in our complete failure to face the total world view that is rooted in a false view of reality. And we have not understood that this view of reality inevitably brings forth totally different and wrong and inhuman results in all of life. This is nowhere more certain than in law and government where law and government are used by this fake view of reality as a tool to force this false view and its results on everyone.” – Francis A Schaeffer


Outside of details, more details and even many more details lies fundamentals.

Materialists want to remake Nature so it conforms to their expectations. This requires domination.

Spiritualists prefer to live in a symbiotic relationship with Nature. This requires submission.

Spiritualists have made a major mistake in letting Dead Matter worshipers dominate them.

True Christians understand fully in the Heart the Truth of the Way of Life as described by JESUS CHRIST.

A True Christian will be Panentheistic  as the Father, the Creator and Sustainer, is: eternally infinite, transcendent, omnipresent, omniscient, essential essence, supreme sovereign, compassionate and personally present.

God’s Emanation, God’s Blueprint for Existence, God’s Specifications of Reality, are within everything and God sustains all things through continued Emanations.

In Gnosticism the broad term ‘gnostic’ is defined as ‘knower’ which refers to all individuals who have insight into ultimate reality and although they express their insights in the various metaphors of their diverse cultures, socio-economic groups and subgroups, they all talk about the experience of Awakening, of Gnosis, of perceiving Reality as Reality truly is.

Most Americans calling themselves Christians are, in their hearts,  Ganesha worshippers of India as that is what Liberal Christian Theology has devolved into – the worship of Mammon.

True Panentheistic  Christians on the other hand believe that there is a Creator and Sustainer that they name God that Emanates Never Ending Fractal Patterns of SOUL LIFE out of the PURE LIGHT OF COMPASSION that stands as the LIGNUM CRUCIS AXIS MUNDI of the FOREVER EXPANDING UNIVERSAL REALITY.


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