Energetic Vampirism Defined



Life Energy, a force of the Creator and Sustainer, animates all LIFE.


The Spark of Life animating each of us  has been given many names. One of them is Soul. Others are the energy names – etheric , auric, pranic, orgone, zero point; or the force names – vital, life, chi, qi as well as others.


The Creator and Sustainer charges each individual to live off of his or her own Life Energy, happily and independently.


Out of the Abyss came the Vampires.  Vampires suck the Life Energy of humans by manipulating energy fields in certain ways to extract energy in a stealthy manner.


This process is defined as Energetic Vampirism. This is also how Zombies are made.


Life Energy can be siphoned off without the victim even being aware anything is occurring.


Those whose Life Energy is being siphoned off often are left in a Zombie like state of semi-consciousness, enchanted.


The victim might even enjoy the trance like qualities of the Life Energy draining process.


To began the draining of Life Energy all a Vampire has to do is throw the victim off balance.


This can be done at either end of the dipole.


Vampires can steal Life Energy by generating fear through threatening intimidation or they can steal the same energy, flowing in the opposite direction, through flattering seduction.


Vampires steal Life Energy by upsetting the Soul’s  psychic field balance, literally.


Signs  of Energetic Vampirism include any odd, disagreeable and eccentric behavior that upsets you.  An experienced Vampire can shift from one behavior pattern to another in nanoseconds to see which method of unbalancing  works best in a particular situation.


Vampires extract Life Energy by setting victims up to dance on the end of puppet strings. As the strings are pulled by the Vampire the individual loses balance and Life Energy tap points are created. The puppets consciousness, once distracted, is no longer embracing  the Life Energy Flows as it dances to the tune of the Vampire’s Will. When an individual is out of balance and is physically acting out the subconscious routines previously implanted by a Vampire vital Life Energy tap points become available to ALL Vampires.


A sign that you may be a victim of  Vampires is a feeling of being tired, worn out or “drained” – Zombified.  Sometimes you may just feel disoriented, out of sorts or “shifted” in some way.  These are good indicators that you have been thrown off balance by a Life Energy Vampire !


Note: Vampire hunters can also shift or turn your psyche as they attempt to rebalance your psyche after it has been unbalanced by a Vampire. The difference is you will feel energized as opposed to depleted.


Vampires are often addicted to alcohol, sugar or chemicals as they are dependent upon outside sources of Imitation Life Energy. Zombies are attracted to alcohol, sugar and chemicals as they are depleted of Natural Life Energy. Popular cultural myths portray Zombies as Brain Eaters. These myths have been implanted in Corporate Media by the Vampires as a Distraction.


Those that have been fed upon by Vampires many times become Vampires themselves. They turn away from the Creator and Sustainer and develop a bizarre appetite for the Life Energy of other people which springs forth from the fact that they have been separated or alienated from the natural source of vital energy, the Creator and Sustainer, by the Abyss.


Terror, trauma and torture often creates the Vampire and weakens  an intended victim to the point of Zombification.  Trauma – sexual molestation, rape,  beatings, humiliation – often turns people into either Vampires or Zombies as they turn away from the Creator and Sustainer and embrace the Abyss.


The converse is also true.  As one heals old traumas by embracing the Creator and Sustainer often one no longer feels the need to Vampirize Zombies. One may also wake up from Zombiehood and stop giving one’s Life Energy away to Vampires.


A Breach of Trust often separates an individual from the almighty source of Life Energy with which we are all connected.  One can say that psychic and physical trauma “turns” an individual away from the Creator and Sustainer and turns the individual into an angry animal that must live by a upside down golden rule “he who has the gold rules”.  The Vampiric philosophy can be stated in a humorous manner as “steal energy from others before they steal energy from you”.


Zombies who give up Life Energy may think they “love” their Vampire.  This is usually a result of hypnosis,  brainwashing, mesmerization or Zombification.  The Life Energy giver has become con-vinced that to give up Life Energy is a Sacred Task.  The Truth is the Vampire has taken the Mask of the Creator and Sustainer and, putting it one, has covered the Abyss from the prying eyes of the Vampire Hunters .




To protect oneself from Vampires enhance your general awareness.


Watch your attitudes and listen to the attitudes of others. Do they encourage you to be independent and think for yourself, or do they somehow encourage dependency, discourage you, intimidate, cajole, threaten, flatter or seduce?


Avoiding the places where Vampires congregate is wise. Stay away from city centers, corporate high rises, stock and insurance brokers, banksters and Federal agencies .  Avoid any situation, locality or place in which you notice  your Life Energy draining away.


Insist on your personal space, your sanity zone.  Maintaining a pure, quiet, private personal space is very important.


Be extremely careful about getting involved with others in business, churches, friendships and especially intimate relationships.  Get to know people well, test them over time, and never trust first impressions.  This is critical to avoid being sucked into a Vampire situation.


Take care to strictly avoid people or places that induce fear, stray sexual feelings, or other unhealthy thoughts.  With some reflection and meditation most people can observe when they begin to feel  afraid, sexually excited in an unhealthy way, upset, angry or otherwise out of balance.


Do not willingly give up your energy, your rights, and your freedom to others for any reason.  Be wary of anyone who says you must sacrifice your rights, your sovereignty or your freedom for any reason.  This is often a trick.  Benjamin Franklin once said “those who give up their freedom for security will end up with neither freedom or security.”


Practice love for all beings.


There is never a reason to continue to act as a Vampire.  The alternative is to turn to a more spiritual source of energy.  Most Vampires do not do this due to laziness and unconsciousness.