divergence of the species

It was early in what was known at the time as the 21st Century that the human race woke up to the fact that the species had diverged. Few saw the divergence as it was not outwardly visible. What had occurred overtime was not obvious to the average human. The divergence occurred in the brains of humans not in their bodies. It is unclear when it occurred, seemed to start about the time joint stock corporations came into existence.


A small group of humans that had no emotion had come to power in the halls of commerce and they conspired to re-engineer the human race. Only weak humans had emotions and to facilitate commerce it became apparent to the psychopaths that those emotions could be manipulated for the economic benefit of the psychopathic elite.


Thus started a series of wars. Those wars of conquest and resource procurement went on for three centuries until the empaths finally awoke. The psychopaths, steeped in symbology,  realized with the careful manipulation of symbols they could break the natural connections in the minds of most humans and replace them with a reality of their own devising. The psychopaths learned many tricks to manipulate the emotions of the average naturally thinking humans and had almost succeeded in gaining total control of the resources of the Earth when the empaths awakened.



The psychopaths never saw it coming. The psychopaths had made the mistake of misjudging the empaths, thinking them to be the weakest of the humans as they cared so deeply for their brothers and sisters.  They did not understand that the empaths operated on a level of consciousness where all humans are connected. Only the empaths could walk the halls of the subconscious. The subconscious was walled off  from the psychopaths. The empaths saw the opportunity and took it.




Using their powers of empathy, the empaths awoke the general population to the war that was now occurring in the minds of the human race – they made it clear to those not blessed with empathy that a choice must now be made – to follow the psychopaths and build a worldwide police state to contain the emotions of man or to take part in a paradigm shift in thinking started by God’s prophets – the first empaths to walk the Earth – Lao Tze, Siddhartha Guatama, Socrates, Jesus, Mohammad, Meister Eckhart, Baruch Spinoza, David Hume, Rene Descartes, John Stuart Mills. The empaths educated the human race to the fact that human thought, contained to a rigid cubicalized worldview, would end in the demise of most of the human race with the psychopaths preeminent. The empaths saw clearly what even the psychopaths themselves could not see – that the path the social engineers of the psychopaths  had chosen for mankind would end in mankind’s demise.




The empaths learned how to reconnect the severed natural connections, connections severed by the hypnotic wizardry of the psychopaths black magic flat screen. The battle lasted for many years but the empaths, once awakened to the threat facing their world, worked tirelessly to thwart the conspiracies of the psychopaths and eventually the won the hearts and minds of the humans not blessed with empathy and not cursed with psychopathology.


A new age dawned upon the world – every man a brother, every woman a sister – mankind’s art and philosophy flowered, the pseudoscience of the corporations was jettisoned for true science, human bodies were no longer modified by toxic chemicals,  suffering and hunger ceased, violence became a thing talked  about but not truly understood as it had ceased to exist except in the cases of small number of humans whose violent acts could be traced to prior head injuries, mankind had finally passed from the infant stage to the stage of toddler.

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