of trans-derivational searches and hypnotic induction

Typically we assume every statement that we hear consciously contains only a surface structure.

However many statements can contain multiple deep structural meanings to our conscious thought stream.

The subconscious mind responds to these openings, opportunities, metaphors, symbols and contradictions and fills in the gaps to create a coherent worldview.

The process by which the mind searches between alternate meanings is called trans-derivation.

The search for connections distracts the rational part of the mind creating a form of hypnotic induction as we are not consciously aware of our pondering  definitions .

This trans-derivational search occurs below the level of conscious awareness.


A vague statement introduced as part of a hypnotic induction with pacing and leading has multiple functions in facilitating hypnosis .

The victim becomes a participant in the hypnotic process as the victim vacillates between alternative understandings thereby ensuring a satisfactory pacing.

A vague statement employs the victims cognitive linguistic processes in a trans-derivational search for understanding.

Effective hypnotic suggestion is “artfully vague”.

Visual imagery is a key component of facilitating hypnotic trance induction.

Using metaphor in hypnosis is especially effective because it engages the conscious and unconscious mind at the same time, communicating logically while activating imagination and emotion allows the use of “ultracompelling communications.”

Imagination is a powerful hypnotic tool because creativity is an altered state of consciousness.

Use  visually, cognitively, and emotionally stimulating language to forces the mind to follow slowly by experiencing his phrases through imagination, instead of just listening to them.

An emotional response is a subconscious response.

The raising of emotion is fundamental  to hypnosis as emotion is a subconscious reaction and can be connected to other subconscious elements, including commands.



The process of pacing then leading, pacing then leading, again and again, as well as using other hypnotic language patterns is called “stacking language patterns”.

our critical factors’ defenses are lowered after repeated and continual pacing with statements that are undoubtedly true.


Pointing sends the subconscious of the subject the message that a person in authority over them is commanding a certain action; ordering you to act a certain way and is a textbook part of hypnotic programming when giving commands of actions the subject is required to take.


a light will shine down from somewhere, it will light upon you, you will experience an epiphany, and you will say to yourself i have to made absolutely compulsory with the words “have to” – precisely as a hypnotic command.


Notice the language “light shining down”, and “it will light upon you” a description of some supernatural (subconscious) force. “The Fierce! Urgency! of Now!”

Those in the marketing field know that adding “now” to the end of any command, such as “buy this product” “now!” increases sales by measured degrees.


Visual imagery, like Obama’s, is a key component of facilitating hypnotic trance induction.

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