Animal Kingdom

Animal Kingdom

in the animal kingdom there is a pecking order .

those that live on the higher levels of the Pecking Pyramid like to play King of the Hill .

Pecking Pyramid  Players suggest that we all join in the game of King of the Hill .

What the Pecking Pyramid Players play is not straight King of the Hill but a highbred version that also incorporates Musical Chairs.

as everything in Nature moves in a Spiral you will note the Peon Pecking Players spiraling Up the Pecking Pyramid while you will note the Powerful Pecking Players fighting the Vanguard of Peon Pecking Players as they Spiral Up the face of the Pecking Pyramid .

typically it is the Peon Pecking Players that lose their footing and find themselves slip sliding Down the Spiral . once they have started their descent the other Peon Pecking Players only too gladly use those that have been higher Up the Hill as staircases .

but this is not always true . occasionally a headless corpse finds itself catapulted from the very tippy top  of the Pecking Pyramid . the point where the Evil All-Seeing-Eye is seated . occasionally the Supreme Deity that is seated at the very tippy top of the Pecking Pyramid is found by the Powerful Pecking Players to be no longer properly serving them  or, heaven forbid, the Supreme Leader no longer has the “proper” thinking equipment .

this completes the description of the Animal Kingdom

(note: Animal Kingdom thought is diametrically opposed to Kingdom of Heaven thought )


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